This Was The Scariest Night Of Our Lives

Thomas Petrou

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    This Was The Scariest Night Of Our Lives
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    1. Jakeomg _

      green apples

    2. Viënna Marrouki

      Green apples

    3. Deb Brown

      if chas did that in front of my dog he wood get very

    4. Isabella Marquez

      Green apples

    5. Lola LaBonte

      green apples

    6. Zoha Qaiser

      They were at the enchanted forest where Sam and Colby literally were running for there lives

    7. Thais rivera


    8. Allie & Laelynn

      Green apples

    9. Mariana Santillan

      green apples

    10. Emmy 123

      Green apples 🍏

    11. Zahraa Elharake

      Green apples

    12. Gia Priola

      green i just finished eating one right as my video ended

    13. Amna Waqas

      Green apples I love all of you

    14. Ally_ Tumble101

      Thomas, you need to see if Kouvr will make herself a channel

    15. kristela bolena

      green apple

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    17. Heather :3

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    20. Kacper Kusion

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    21. Angelica Hernandez

      Green apples 🍏

    22. s u n n y b e a r

      Bruh there so brave going into a haunted forest at night meanwhile I get scared Turing off the hallway light off at night 😂

    23. James Rigby

      Why mikel so mardy

    24. Eva Raymundo

      Y'all can't disagree on chase and Micheal being cute✨👀

    25. mirna aguilar

      green apples👁️👄👁️🍏

    26. Cori jade Corby

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    27. Jessica Nauerth

      We found nick !

    28. Josie Christians

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    29. Brandon Borden

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    30. aeqsxchar

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    31. Jada M

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    32. Linda Franken

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    33. breeanah gay

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    34. Mariah Segovia

      ok, why would you take nick? like i love him but like, he got scared from a house! like I watched this already but... ok.. like its nice to take him but..

    35. Abbie Grace Turner

      Green apples

    36. Zoey Jackson

      Green apples 🍏

    37. Panda Girl

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    38. Addyson Wolff

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    39. Camila Da Costa

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    40. Cayla Kindy

      "Logan paul for reference"

    41. isobella exall

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    42. Ruby Miller

      Green Apples

    43. Kaya Stevens

      Kovur is such a beautiful girl 🥺

    44. kiera vhhj hfvvhjvh

      not bad but not good

    45. kiera vhhj hfvvhjvh

      its ok

    46. Guadalupe Felix

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    47. Aishath Maleesha

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    48. Mélodie Bertrand

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    50. Valentina Castillo

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    51. Love Puppy


    52. ProGamerLiv123 Roblox

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    53. Sophia Durfee

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    54. Amber Fultz

      Everyone scared Charli:I have to pee

    55. Shylene Ashihi

      Green Apples

    56. Aly Cole

      I love Carolina Tar Heels

    57. Victoria Lopez

      The title remind me of when Jake Paul went to an insane asylum he titled it something like this😂

    58. Zaina Omondi

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    59. hinatas hair


    60. Baileigh Dutton


    61. Chloe Saenz

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    63. Andiekae Iglesia

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    64. Cayla Betancourt

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    65. Dodo shawty

    66. Śhäshā Gacha

      Chase sounds like jamal from on my block when he said ‘like no mf’ lol

    67. Free Edits

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    68. Angela Pruyn

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    69. Lilly Muchiri

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    70. Samantha Filmore

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    73. ɔrîɔkett

      me waiting for some one to comment green apples: 👁️👄👁️

    74. Josie Araujo

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    75. Susan Wilson

      chase is such a mood😭

    76. Matthew Davis

      2:04 'the ghosts are probably scared of chase.' chase: :)

    77. Avery May

      omgggg i love how papper was like it’s sPoOkEy like omg that had me dead 💀

    78. Jesslyn Carrillo

      green apples

    79. Arianna Vazquez

      so cute boys

    80. Tyler and Tia show

      green apples 🍏

    81. amelya bone

      mia and sanzone got beef

    82. Khushbu Amir

      I don't know why they go to stupid places

    83. Nayde simon Simon

      He be lame i cant close my eyes or i will fucking die 😂🤣

    84. Emily Bridgette

      Where is the mask?

    85. Ramleen Kaur

      Green apples

    86. Harper H

      Hi I love you guys so much I love the Harper house I watched her do it sometimes I watch everybody and the whole house

    87. Allison Sego


    88. Allison Sego


    89. Scarlett Brown

      Green apples

    90. Angelina Chen

      this is the life of youtubers when they have nothing to do but to suffer in order for content UvU lol

    91. Roblox things

      San and Colby getting chased out by a cult Thomas just laughing the whole time

    92. Monserrat Cano

      I was searching for larray 1 minute later a watching your video love you all

    93. Isaac Carrillo

      green apples

    94. avril lol

      I can't believe they are kids

    95. Jenna Benning

      Green apples

    96. Elianna Ramsingh

      green apples

    97. Andrea Holguin

      green apples

    98. Artistic Vision & Design

      larry buy it

    99. Luis Viera