This Was Nessa's First Time!

Thomas Petrou

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    This Was Nessa's First Time!
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    1. Nana Fonacier

      I miss nessa in the vlogs

    2. Kayla Camacho

      Omg im taller then nessa. and im a kid

    3. Danielle Garcia

      who was ryland talkin about when he said " i saw u on tiktok w my ex"?

    4. Danika Caban


    5. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    6. Jodi Rosser

      Pink muffins

    7. Sotelo Aguirre Selena

      nessa : i call myself ugly all the time me: at least you prettier than me Michael : why do i have to have ugly in-front of everything me :ummmm

    8. Don't post

      I don't blame messages I never had in and out



    10. Mr.sloththemer21


    11. Dylan Manzanares

      Youre address is on goggle

    12. Sean Keilitz

      Pink muffins

    13. Sarah C 1878

      Pink muffins

    14. Ibrahim Akre


    15. Sabrina Pham

      Nessa is 4'10 and my 6th grader friend is 5'3

    16. fulla haidar

      guys charli hit 99 millon followers

    17. MikoLamp

      If Nessa's 18 and 4'10... Then how am I, a 14 year old 5'1.... and how did Nessa NEVER had In n Out 🖐🏻😭

    18. Tesharna Beecher-Jones

      Pink muffins

    19. Jessica Jean

      nice hickey...

    20. Jasmaine Shorty


    21. DIJ

      LOL TO YOU

    22. TLF__ monx


    23. Nadia Hernandez

      Ok I love the fact that Noah is fine with kissing guys

    24. Mehrin v

      Mia and thomas❤️

    25. Neomi Tijerina


    26. valeriaxcx

      Who is rylands ex

    27. Luxe Jeune


    28. pineapple. chvr

      Done i subcribed to u and zhc and zch crafts

    29. Mackennah Kefor

      Did anyone else see that guy vaping at the very beginning???

    30. Deniz plays Games:D!!

      I am all the time late

    31. Addis fan LOVER

      Nessa stut up

    32. Bruh hurB

      Thomas: “we would never let a snitch in the house”. a couple months later he surprised the hype house with 6ix9ine

    33. Joe Ha Nah

      Nikita getting the whole crewwwwwwwwwww~~~~~~

    34. Denika Moore

      Do you have March I want one

    35. Lucas Ensley

      pink muffins

    36. marley wilson

      every time there is a giveaway i get my hopes up and I should stop doing that. lol

    37. Khadija Sayed

      I meant done

    38. Khadija Sayed


    39. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Pink muffins 🦖💜✊

    40. Saleena Hopkins

      love you, thomas.

    41. Icyy_ MobilEzz

      4:15 is cringe as hell

    42. Aster

      she's been in LA for quite sometime time and SHE Didn't have in and out!! I'm triggered lol 😂😂

    43. Gowy .16

      Pink muffins

    44. Charles Sanders

      Pink muffins

    45. Charles Sanders


    46. Caiden Christmas

      Pink muffins

    47. LeAnn Develos

      pink muffins

    48. Madison Mears

      hi your real cool

    49. Huddy.chqraddi 16 life

      I feel like she looks really happy at the hype house

    50. Aliana Manasek


    51. Grandpa Yoongi

      Uhmm Who else noticed Alex's hickey?

    52. Jordyn Kelly

      Pink Muffins lol

    53. Alina Cheung

      once he was like Nessa is my side b!tch her smile completely disappeared LMAOO

    54. Sophia Benavides

      Are we going to take about Michael kissing Noah😂

    55. Dolores Castillo

      Dude im taller than nessa im 4'11

    56. Nany Pedraza


    57. Isabella Gregory

      Done pink muffins

    58. Camila Rivera

      Pink muffins

    59. ramona swaney

      pink muffins

    60. Bubble tea Martinez

      When u realize your taller than Nessa 👁👄👁 4.10 I’m 5.0

      1. Robert Cook

        I'm 4.11 I'm an inch taller than her

    61. Callie’s YT


    62. Soleil Sloboda

      me : waits for papers glow up everyone elese: noahhhh beck is so hot me: no just no

    63. Charlotte Alves

      pink muffens

    64. Charlotte Alves


    65. Tilda gold-angel

      Nessa: 4’10 :/ Me: Bruh, i’m 5’11- 😭😂

    66. Sky Tabin

      Jesus loves you pray to God!!!!!!

    67. Shardey Martin

      I subscribe 2 years ago

    68. Kyree and Abrielle Carlson

      Did I just see smoke in the first clip???

    69. Samantha Watters

      Just Nikita vibing in the back at random times 😂

    70. Nahomi Anteneh

      Nessa when ryland said he'll be the dessert: :O StOoOopP

    71. Monika Ayala

      I’ve reaported thomas 2 times now because of the v word and the p word I thought you guys we’re influencers not bad people

    72. Natalia Daiz

      I love how charlie shows the nice side of the guys

    73. Mcpherson sisters gaming

      This vlog was so random

    74. Cyleah Miles

      am I the only one who looked in the comments to see if somebody actually said pink muffins?!😂

    75. Myah Lazarovski

      Done I need a knew phone

    76. Hayona Channel

      Did she join?

    77. Alyssen Rodriguez

      Pink Muffins

    78. Sara Midzic

      Im 11 and i think that im taller than nessa

    79. Suraya Mumin


    80. Suraya Mumin

      Pink Muffins

    81. Berenice Perez

      Are we not gonna talk about how nessa was smiling until ryland called her his side b*tch

    82. Jessica Hauser

      At 4:59 you can see that thomas has a hickey

    83. Sophie Sanders

      Pink muffins

    84. Sophie Sanders

      I would love a new phone❤️❤️❤️

    85. Gwyneth K

      Pink Muffin

    86. Fidel Romero

      So no one's gonna talk about the hickey on his neck 4:50

    87. Anushka Ricketts

      Pig muffins

    88. ranya

      nessa is as tall as me i’m literally 10yrs

    89. Jesse Lopez


    90. Emily _roblox


    91. Candy Girl 237

      Pink muffins

    92. Candy Girl 237


    93. grace lawrence

      Ness is my Height😂😂😅😅

    94. Rahaf Alhomedi

      I just don’t want to be mean I do need t went Nassa to be in the hype house

    95. Layninette 55

      Done pink muffins


      pink muffins

    97. Bella Granger

      Pink muffins

    98. Anna Abhilash

      pink muffin