Tik Tokers Go Back To School!

Thomas Petrou

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    Tik Tokers Go Back To School!
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    1. Fathima Hashim

      It’s markell in all his glory ✨ lol

    2. rebecca azoulay

      banana banana/ banana tana/ GORDAN RAMSEY

    3. Summers life

      Nick is not a simpppppppp and he's is a sh!t............... I love nick that's y 😂 he is the best and nick got so scared, he made a tik tok about macdonalds xx

    4. ali a


    5. Roblox A.B

      it was even not school-

    6. AndreaRoblox Meza

      I like someone at my school🐲

    7. KatieKat

      This vlog was so chaotic but I LOVED it!😂😂😂😂

    8. Harper McNair

      this was the worst video I ever watched

    9. Lovely Angel

      Me: watches a video with the hype house in it. Also me: only comes for Larrays funniness 😂

    10. Brigitte Bissonnette

      WTF was this

    11. Lia Teleki

      Hahahahahhahahahahahahah csárli

    12. Katie Mae Highley

      0:10-0:31 another day at the hype house

    13. Eika F

      I stg Markell is like the most mature one there XD

    14. Artistic Vision & Design

      when did charli get inteligent?

    15. -Arixstela-

      3:44 teachers:COME BACK TO SCHOOL NOW CHASE

    16. Leticia Soares Souto Cardoso

      "I was good at cheating" ok chase we know we know

    17. Jose Renteria


    18. It’sJacky Playz

      You guys should meet Gavin Magnus

    19. Bella Brumbelow

      Why charlie so cute with a hoodie glasses and her hair down?.”

    20. Jayla Hemphill

      Bananas lol

    21. Yzabella Leach


    22. Amina KAdieva


    23. diana camacho

      I feel like chase doesn't have to act cause hes already like very bad boy

    24. Mayar Mahmoud

      stop fiting ay

    25. Sophia Mackenzie

      Um what the hell is going on in that house 😂

    26. Bella Williams

      How do you get the back to school merch?

    27. Liv W


    28. nounou Elkhatib

      You videos nothin

    29. Areen Halab

      Chase :I’m good at cheating 😏

    30. Allyson Elliott

      i like how charli is following directions to solve a rubiks cube

    31. Hailey Marie

      I work at McDonald’s so I got the shirt for free haha

    32. Carina K

      the end is crazzzzyyyy! lol

    33. amy gonzales

      Btw my name is sailor

    34. amy gonzales

      I like nick austin

    35. Kasi Curry

      Little huddy looks like a stick lol

    36. Casey Gonzalez


    37. zoe condlin

      Thomas: Chase, when was the last time you were in school? Chase: When I did online school, like a few years ago. Thomas: Were you good at it? Chase: I cheated... Thomas: 😂 Chase: But I-I was good at cheating sooo I guess! Me: Pretty much cheating my way through online sophomore year right now 😅

    38. Kassidy

      Banana banana 🍌

    39. Zoja Vadovičová

      where's the bottle Charli got from? or as such a bottle is called?

    40. Ashtyn Stoney

      Am I the only that feels motion sick watching this tho. Sorry:)

    41. Sabri Lomomi


    42. Hanna lay


    43. Charlotte Woodruff


    44. Avery Strang

      i hat mikel

    45. Angel McGuire

      # hi sister

    46. Chevy Fraser

      Do any of you guys do tik toc

    47. Starr Pace

      What song is that

    48. Aliya Reynolds


    49. Kaylie Williams

      Where can I find the full school video

    50. Kate A mil

      Why does it look like papyer and michael look like brothers , like u got the fit brother (Michael) and u got the brother that likes to eat all the time(papyer).😂 (I love u guys, I’m just trying to get my comment in the blog or for u guys to see it, but I love all of u!!!❤️❤️❤️)

    51. Lucas Ensley

      gorden ramsy

    52. Giuliana Del Vitto

      are you listening hawai of maluma? jaja

    53. tarayummyworld

      i wanna know why their facing away from the teachers desk lmfao

    54. Charlifanpage 2510

      I dont think the hype house will change 😂

    55. Edrian Fernandez

      Gordon Ramsey

    56. Yo crXsh

      hi can i join the hype house

    57. Carmano

      5:15 here we observe the male species

    58. Jmauri Johnson

      What's in you're mouth Charli

    59. Leo Diaz

      Chase:I was good at cheating😎😏😏

    60. Ximena Zoe

      Thomas: Are you good at online school Chase: i was good at cheating ... ♥️

    61. Leich Elonish

      01:27 hahahahahahhaha

    62. Makayla Weise

      what was this even for lol

    63. Vivian Bourque

      Lol I love you guys

    64. Monica Mendoza

      🤩 wow

    65. kayla mather

      September 24th is my birthday

    66. Only Karen’s

      Chase- I was good at cheating Me thinking yea isn’t that what ya did to charli 🙄🙄🙄

    67. Marcela Fernandez

      1: your scrolling through the comments. 3:you’re reading this. 4:you didn’t notice I skipped number 2. 5: you checked 5: you also didn’t notice I repeated 5 6: you liked this comment

    68. Mimi Is thick

      Deliveaaa 🎶

    69. Dillon MacDonald

      i love how everyone's afraid of Markell xD

    70. Lori Pravato

      When would that school video come out

    71. sharkboy 77

      5:17 when a bunch of birds see some food lol

    72. Lazar.Moćević

      Noone goan say how the titel is tik tokers going to school while it was a minut of school if u can call it that and 5 minuts of loud ass people

    73. RXIX YT

      2:54looks like charli is vaping

    74. Darlitt Bobby


    75. Jadon Jefferson

      Roses are red violets are blue we just got clickbaited so like this comet please I need money to

    76. Lilah Tyler

      Bananas lol

    77. Finlay Watson

      Domino’s pizza in the morning me this is bad for your health

    78. Maram Boulila

      can someone please explain to me, what is this all about ? why are they all in a classroom ? and is there a video about this ? I'm gessing it's for james's merch, but why are they all in there ????????

    79. robloxisbetterthenfortnite _lOL

      she had something in her hand when she said 2 more years

    80. robloxisbetterthenfortnite _lOL

      wait what did charli drink

    81. gabriel mesa

      Go back? What do you mean go back? You never fucking went.

    82. Jennifer handley

      😂 well it's school time wake up 😂

    83. Jenifer Cruz

      Necesito un canal donde lo traduzcan:(

    84. Audrey Catour

      I can’t find the music video

    85. (STUDENT)Brinley Cline

      I’m just laughing

    86. Brooklyn Hancock


    87. suhaida schnapp


    88. tanisha vaja

      banana banana banana tanana umm gordan ramsey

    89. Lol Mom

      Wait, why did they film this, this has been in my brain for weeks

    90. Yuluwiri Dreaming Healing

      I love mia shes so funny

    91. Patricia Tellez

      I know how to solve a rubix cube i can teach you

    92. gogo gogo

      Corona be like 👁️👄👁️you know what Let me just get into your system. teeheee... 👁️👅👁️

    93. Constance Patenall

      what is the merch called

    94. pure leef

      Alexs laugh mans me laugh

    95. Carrie Kabelitz

      So I forgot the guy that is black name so sorry but that guy is like the father of they hype house”don’t be hitting him!” LOL

    96. Bellaplays.

      Is it just me or am I the only one who laughs in every video xd

    97. _Crafting_with_nina _


    98. Evelyn robles

      What the f

    99. Evelyn robles

      Heeeeazahnt yyry