Tony Made Nikita Lose This Bet!

Thomas Petrou

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    Tony Made Nikita Lose This Bet!
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    1. Isabella Persad

      No one : Litterally no one : Thomas always has the same face in every thumbnail

    2. Matheus Ferreira

      rainbow slurpie

    3. Angelina Chen

      am I the only one who finds these thumbnails so weird and funny at the same time xD

    4. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    5. Anthony Avila medina

      0:14 you see Bryce hall behind Tyler

    6. Imani Figueroa

      mermaid slurpy

    7. Dana Bashiti

      Ha ha ha Rainbow Slurpee

    8. C o f f e e

      Michael freakin out because Mia is going "fast" Me when I was five with my dad on a empty highway going almost 100 miles XD

    9. Angelica Hernandez

      Rainbow slurpee 😂😂😂

    10. Leilani Torrez


    11. Pink gamer roblox


    12. Shirley McLaneDavis

      I LIKE SNAKE just like Tayler holder i live in new jersey Keansburg oak street apartment one

    13. SELA LUI

      rainbow slurpy

    14. Brady Cook YouTube channel

      I feel bad for Michel because kouvur and mia pick on him.

    15. Weird Cousins

      Why is Nick cute with his glasses 🤓 Nick u have a new crush

    16. Layla Nelson

      rainbow slurpie

    17. Ryder Gilbertson

      I literally love indi she’s so weird

    18. Charlie Yusubov

      why was charli wearing chases shirt?

    19. Ghalia Khalaf

      4:39 BHAHAHA CHARLI U CAN SPEAK BRITISH (im from britan btw)

    20. Lashana Jaggnanan

      The amount of time Michel said stop

    21. Irene Torres

      No one: No Addison

    22. Naoko Polk

      Tony is so cute

    23. Ur local Rat

      iM A tEeN lEt mE liVe mY LifE

    24. Ayesha Makik


    25. Ayesha Makik


    26. Alanna Boadway

      I want to hold a snake I want a pet snake

    27. Arianna Gilson

      Rainbow slurpee

    28. Harley Quinn

      i feel bad for michel everyone bothers him : (

    29. Kira Smith

      Rainbow slurpee

    30. Me is Lit

      Ya because I’m famous as shit

    31. Gracie Madeline

      Could you please play a Among Us in real life

    32. ramona swaney

      rainbow slupi

    33. Sophia Chavez

      LeT mE oUt BrUhV

    34. Chloe Gaddis

      Rainbow slurpy

    35. Wolf GamerGirl

      rainbow slurpy

    36. Yanine Ruvalcaba

      ok i want to go on the drive on that i won't be scared

    37. Joe Kavanagh

      Rainbow slurpy

    38. Katherine McGonnell

      rainbow slurpie

      1. Katherine McGonnell

        elin? why?

    39. Aleayah Card


    40. Esta Nyabaruta

      mermaid Slurpee

    41. Amanda R

      Tis conversation about the wright brothers took a left turn. 😂

    42. Hannah Caridi

      Damn your girl know how to drive 💯

    43. K and K

      I love your videos and hope u have a good day😷🥰😁💩

    44. K and K

      Rainbow Slurpee

    45. Rahaf Alhomedi

      😂I like Charlie when she rang the bell and she said I’m a teen🤣

    46. Talissa Quintal

      “LeT mE oUt BrUv” the famous words of charli

    47. Arushi Kaur

      hi my name is Arushi and i love charli damelio

    48. shazia luhar

      why was charlis british accent so accurate


      Rainbow slurpie

    50. Minecraft man JC

      If I was there I would have had so much fun

    51. Cassandra Chatman


    52. cøøl among us

      No one: Thomas in every thumbnail: 🖐😮🖐

    53. Sonia Gonzalez

      Charli had chase shirt on

    54. Milagros Miracle

      Charli: let me out bruv let me out bruv Conner: omg you imbecle Charli: Im just a teen Charli: let me live my life

    55. actha greatest

      Tony a pervert

    56. milky.strawbs. 7

      Every time I see charli I see chase with her in the vlogs or in the paparazzi

    57. Marianna


    58. rozana mohana

      Does tony now that Nikita is a boy and he’s gay

    59. Ava Forkum

      is that chase's Hudson shirt?

    60. Sophie Fenton

      Nick uhhhhhn he screams like a gir

    61. Alexa Reynolds

      Rainbow Slurpie

    62. Beatriz Villalba

      Nikita and Tony look cute together

    63. madisonx

      Lolllll nick’s scream

    64. Frederique Wittens

      *mia dying Charli’s hair* larray: 👁👄👁

    65. Ashley Torres

      i like you gus you are so the best you are a tik tok but sady tik tok is go dunthrup is dandeig tiktok

    66. T Hand-Broadnax

      I love how Charli instantly became friends with the new hype house members 🙂😇

    67. olivia haddadin

      Poor snakes

    68. Rosalena Lemus

      4:40 is my fav

    69. Dakota Eagles

      Since when does Taylor care about Keliane having a boyfriend he flirts with her anyway

    70. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Rainbow slurpeee

    71. dini anggraeni


    72. gaby martel

      find my calender clue dubsmash

    73. grace naughton

      Ondre’s laugh tho 🥺

    74. Precious Catap (pc1094)


    75. Kenley Thomas

      Rainbow slurpy

    76. Addison Whitehead

      rainbow slurpee

    77. Sakura Haruno

      Eu vendo a cena no comeco e lembrando.... (Ai eu beijei ele , ai ele disse Mano tu e gay???? Eu nn mano tu que deixa!! memes memes 😂😂😂😂)

    78. patience mbaiwa

      Indiana mascara was there so cute

    79. patience mbaiwa

      Indiana mascara was there so cute

    80. Ciara,Harlem and Freddy Newton's world

      Is it just me or does nick have the most funny laugh ever

    81. Davilyn Cleary

      Rainbow slupie

    82. Emma Alderman

      Rainbow slurpie

    83. Kasey Catlin

      No one talking about nicks scream

    84. eltina Ahmeti

      Wyiiii charli hahahah

    85. Peter Poliačik

      Tony is gey

    86. Nasira Blair-Holt

      Rainbow slurpie

    87. Max-Talon Gregorio

      I am a teenager I am just trying to live my life 😂🤣😅😭

    88. Mads Beats

      michal: i think im gay now

    89. Chevandre

      I swear this needs to become like a reality t.v show or something honestly. I love watching these vlogs because everyone is just authentic real keeping it 100 24/7 and that's what we love to see. Keep doing what you're doing. Sending love from South Africa : )

    90. Gacha Moonlight

      I actually smelt something when Charli burped the second time

    91. tia pizzino

      wait the first bit of the video of when nick was kissing idk his name, are they brothers?

    92. iii raspbxrry

      Why no one talking abt Taylor hugging charli

    93. Anthonia's TV

      lEt mE oUt bRuV

    94. Bish Its hinata shoyo uwu

      Omg I Can't Stop Laughing While Charli Was Trying To Speak In British😂🤣


      mia hit michal

    96. Nellika Tello morales

      Was good foo

    97. Melanie Berrones

      i don't like nikita i think she's fake

    98. For Myself

      Who ship nikita and tony 👇🏼No one will like 😂

    99. Elizabeth Zolyniak

      Rainbow Slurpee

    100. Kennady Vlogz

      Redball Slurpee?