We Filled Kouvr's Room With Bean Bag Beads!

Thomas Petrou

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    We Filled Kouvr's Room With Bean Bag Beads!
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    1. Angelica Hernandez

      Snow globe

    2. 0livia Breen


    3. Nova Spinks

      It’s raining at my place in it it’s it’s Saturday

    4. Mohammed S

      Thomes you are funny

    5. Goth Angel Kid

      2:40 this is why they need kouver home smhhh

    6. cassidy alvarez

      Snow globe

    7. Harriett Hall

      Snow globe

    8. Unicorn Jay

      snow glob

    9. triple trouble truffle

      snow globe

    10. 3ds Rxinho


    11. Cora Wright

      Anyone else watching this at 3:30pm or just me

    12. Original Funk Bro

      Snow globe

    13. marley wilson


    14. Riya Hates school 2.0



      snow globe

    16. Nataijah States

      Was that Brent it sound like it..

    17. AnaMaria Ochoa

      snow globe

    18. Audrina Munoz

      Kouvr During the day: Acts like a normal teenager At night: Acts hyper

    19. ramona swaney

      snow glob

    20. Weird Cousins

      Nick and Ryland should be brothers because they always arguing

    21. DUSTY aim

      snow globe

    22. Sophiany Calvert

      Snow wor

    23. Kendra Keuler


    24. nevaeh fox

      Snow glob

    25. Amorette Giesche

      I can't believe they have never seen snow at all, they should all go on a trip to a mountain, or go somewhere snowy for Christmas.

    26. Samantha Filmore

      Snow globe

    27. Annelise Ornelas


    28. Hana Hadid

      snow globe i feel bad for cover..

    29. Hana Hadid


    30. Dakotah Flanagan

      LIKE LITERALLY HOW TF HAVE YALL NOT SEEN SNOW BEFORE????? I live in Wisconsin, yall should come in winter, btw I live in Darlington, Wisconsin

    31. Lyle Gyzmo3202000

      Tiktok deleted my account because I hit 200 followers

    32. Celery Ell

      You are so lucky Kouvr didn’t fucking kill you

    33. donuthole255 03

      its snowing guys" me in my head { man that's just your dandrufed }

    34. katie Grace

      she did not pass the vibe check

    35. kylie bain

      i think patty had the best reaction to the arcade lol

    36. gacha ice

      How are you still alive 😹😹😹😹

    37. Kinsey Montague

      snow globe

    38. sophie crawford

      Snow gloab

    39. Aileen Solorzano

      snow globe

    40. Kenzy Ledo

      I love popping pot

    41. Julia Connelly

      snow globe

    42. Julyanna Adriene De Villa

      If they did that to me i would keep it

    43. Laur laur Holmes

      Honestly kouvr needs to chill sometimes but She is still a queen

    44. Sophie Nybøe

      Sno globe❄️

    45. Jillian

      Mia and Thomas are goals

    46. Jillian

      Ryland and Nick fighting is the best

    47. lola lola

      Uf u want to see sniw move the hype house to engaland middelesbrogh plsssssss i live there and ye so do it

    48. Gabbi Panyanouvong

      I feel like charil and Thomas have the best friendship from the whole hype house

    49. Weirdo Sophia

      Come to Ohio for some snow hehe

    50. Marianna Cook

      Go to Minnesota in December to see the snow cuz I used to live there

    51. Amazing Andi

      Nobody: Still No One: LARREY: DaTs A bIg BoI

      1. toxic tropical

        He said im used to a big ball not a big boi also his name is larray not larrey

    52. Alice Winter

      Bean bag beans are so bad for the environment? This is such a extra thing to do 🤦‍♀️

    53. Whitney Flores

      Nick B#### you have corona Me he is hot😘

    54. Lily Host

      Good luck cleaning it... Better pay the people cleaning it up good, cause there find a beads in there pants anywhere they go. Lol

    55. Tonje Pedersen

      At the end tho Michael's face

    56. anvika patil

      How tf did they clean that up😂😂

    57. Jada Ealy

      OK kouver didn’t overreact if someone did this to me I would’ve choked them with it

    58. Stephen Norsworthy

      Come to winnipeg

    59. Allison Kilpatrick

      Am I the only one who is by my cat and making sure mama is letting her new borin baby eat 🥺 I’m like calm down

    60. Erika Adams

      ummmm my mom is calling me kouvr

    61. Jorja Moccasin

      Snow Globe

    62. Alesha Kausar

      Bitch you have corona was so funny idk why

    63. Angel Dean

      Nobody: Mia in every vlog:IT'S FOUR IN THE AFTERNOON!!

    64. arianna chappell

      come to Milford NH if you want to see snow

    65. Itz Maddie Here


    66. Life Of A Princess

      Snow globe

    67. Pup_tony lopez Twenty seven

      Snow globe

    68. Piper Playz

      I like that they wear Logan’s own merch

    69. Mimi & Yuyu

      Snow globe

    70. TheHollandSeesterss

      Kouvr this is for you SNOW GLOBE 🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨☃️❄️⛄️

    71. Erandi Flores Mendez

      old hypehouse......

    72. Fatma Almeer

      Why don,t you make nikita in the hype team

    73. beanie boo glam house

      Snow glob

    74. Simping over HIM

      Snow globe

    75. Kayla Vang

      Come to Minnesota somewhere in December to see the snow or Christmas lights. It'll be very fun here and also go to the Mall of America to have way more fun.

    76. Sinnott Leo


    77. Denae Smith

      Wow they have never seen snow... well now Ik I’m Special

    78. Alyssa Palladino

      Kouvr was madddddddddddd😂

    79. Kristin Denny

      **box gets thrown** Shandaler: welp it is my time to die ;-;

    80. Hi

      Me wishing I could be in their lives: Me then realizing they've never seen snow: ...

    81. jeyvel

      i got major anxiety because like what if one of the kitties finds and eats a bean bag bead

    82. Grande’s Moonlight

      why is nick literally me

    83. Zainab Mokachar

      Ur just lucky she didn’t kill u

    84. Aniya Freeman

      snow globe, and i love u guys😂❤️

    85. Audrey Evans

      i fell bad for Kouvr

    86. Josey Johnson

      This is at the old house 😔 I miss it and the old members

    87. Uh. 424

      Snow globe

    88. Jide Ajibola

      Why is kovur such a wet blanket

    89. Pastel Princess

      Where have I seen this before

    90. ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋ's ᴘᴜʀᴘʟᴇ ᴍɪᴄ

      i love how they just fucking scream at eachother even though they are literally next to eachother i stan loud kings and queens

    91. ammm hallo


    92. Lindsey Miller

      Conner be like: I’m not in this

    93. Aryssa trotter

      Bring kouvr to Minnesota winters are amazing

    94. Grace Schott

      kouver over reacted?? uh she said she was having a bad day, you should respect that. and to top it off se said she just cleaned her room, imagine walking in to see your hard work, but instead you see Thomas's mess.

    95. Ian Loveridge


    96. Zoe's Laverne

      Snow globe

    97. Elin Rosenbleeth

      Snow globe

    98. jennna fernandez

      snow globe

    99. itsjustgracie may

      2:38 r.i.p light