We Filled Chase's Room With Balloons!

Thomas Petrou

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    We Filled Chase's Room With Balloons!
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    1. Lydia V.

      Hotdog slushy


      love you to tony

    3. Zoe Williams

      *hotdog slushy*

    4. Tatiana Stanley

      hot dog slushie

    5. Negin Hassani

      Thomas:hi charli Charli:hi thomas Thomas:hi chase Chase:hi thomas f*ck you😂💔

    6. Raynbow Carter/Freeman

      Everyone cancels tony but he is such a amazing guy

    7. Linda Weaver

      *xxxdates.online* みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を51x66710

    8. Toria Stewart

      hot dog slushy

      1. Toria Stewart

        yes Charli

    9. Jeniffer Estrada


    10. Jada M

      Hotdog slushy

    11. LazyLeah

      Hot dog slushee

    12. Julianna Del Aguila

      Hot dog slush

    13. Ayosienna

      No one: not even the demon in my closet: Chase: oh mah gauwd

    14. sophiiaz

      i like how straight up chase just said "hey thomas f)ck you"

    15. Chris Tomlison

      Hotdog slushy

    16. Aaliyah Webb

      Everyone's talking about Charli and Chase, but no one gonna talk about how good Tony Lopez prayed for us???!?!?!

    17. gary the moldy potato potato

      Charli is adorable

    18. Valeria Morales Herrera

      i miss chacha :(

    19. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Hotdog slushy 🦖💜✊

    20. Layla Nelson

      hot dog slushie

    21. Nesta Njuguna

      Hotdog slushy 🤔

    22. Rafael Lopez

      At least Tony said something nice

    23. Angelica Hernandez

      Hot dog slushy

    24. Adrianna Tran

      Charli hearing everyone swearing lmaooo

    25. chloe bae

      I love how they always end up pranking chase lol

    26. Jasmaine Shorty


    27. Larrieux Ross

      Omg pls ask Larri where he got his hello kitty purse from!!😍😍

    28. Kiera Hudson

      Can you make longer videos please

    29. Addyson Bock

      Hot dog slushy

    30. Hafsah Bby

      hot dog slushie

    31. Allison Adams

      tony looked so drunk in that one clip. I'm dying rn....

    32. Supreme Bros

      tony:god bless you your the best person ever not even 2 seconds later tony:about to make out with someone

    33. TayaTube

      Chase I just like loud things Charli I think you should keep them 🥺🥺 Also Charli pops one ballon and jumps I love charli hahaha 😂



    35. Sophia Zapata

      Happy birthday to you ok

    36. Unicorn Jay

      Thanks, Tony Lopez

    37. aisha alblooshi

      charli: *waves hand* thomas: hi charli: hi thomas: bye charli: hi

    38. Lucas Ensley

      hotdog slushy

    39. Sai Nikhita Chikkulla

      thomas: hi charli:hi thomas:bye charli:hii

    40. princess jhoedi Silva

      why i loved to watch it every time

    41. RIU_ k1

      Wait whats going on with charliiiiiii face?

    42. Mero Moon

      Hotdog slushy

    43. Makayla Weise

      hotdog slushie

    44. Malikah Bingham

      When is charlie and chace getting back together their so cute

    45. KIRAN KAUR


    46. David martires silva

      Dan they lit they partyinf

    47. iiEmilix

      🥺 charli is so shy around other people and when she’s with chase she’s so comfortable ✨🥺

    48. Maddie Ferrans

      hot dog slushie

    49. Janet Amezcua

      Hotdog slushy

    50. Elqwenalae Robert

      hotdog slushy

    51. Roblox Wonderland

      I do not love tony back lol tho that’s true 😂😂😂



    53. Cardella Family

      not yall partying during a pandemic

    54. シAlmxnd

      Honestly I'm scared now... ;-;

    55. 2027 Victoria Esposito

      This is how many people like Charli 👇

    56. Kiwi_Gacha


    57. Jayne Nelson

      Hot dog slushy

    58. David Elizalde

      hot dog slushie

    59. Lily B.

      1:56 tell me Larri doesn’t sound like chewbacca from Star Wars

    60. Janai Perez

      Hot dog slushie

      1. Savannah allhiser

        Uhh wth (what the heck)

    61. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    62. ramona swaney

      hot dog shushy

    63. Jazzy Ulloa

      Charli’s face when chase was popping the ballon was priceless 😂💀


      Hot dog Slushie

    65. Ruby Olivia

      Who still ships charil and chase (chacha) 👇🏼

    66. Billie Perrie

      cha cha real smooth

    67. Genevieve Trinh

      I'm sad

    68. Nakiyah Jenkins


    69. Sweet & Sour

      Hotdog slushy🙌

    70. Sophia Chavez

      HoTdOg SlUsHiE

    71. Claudio Patricio Quezada Figueroa

      tomas : we did something in your room chase immediately : what the fuck did you do

    72. Shahena Ayub

      hot dog slushie

    73. Wolf GamerGirl

      hotdog slushy

    74. Kimora Anastasia

      What happened to Charli?

    75. Hasseenna FNU

      I Love U charli why U so fu**king cute bro

    76. Karina Chavez


    77. hybriddragon hybriddragon

      Mary me chase I love you😍😍❤️

    78. Azelea olivarez


    79. FLAM3 K2

      Chase is gonna need some glizzys to get over thus🌭🌭

    80. rhea

      Hotdog slushee 💗 for Mia lmao

    81. Rachna Goswami

      IT's So CuTe HoW tHeIr So DiFfErEnT bUt EvEn AfTeR EvErYtHiNg ThAt HaPpEnEd they can still be friends

    82. Deundre Bowlar

      That's so true ❤️😓😪😔

    83. Sarah Price

      Thank you Tony...🤣

    84. Miley Games

      Hot dog slushy

    85. Sophia Locklear


    86. Sophia Locklear

      Happy birthday Larry

    87. Gabriella pizarro

      did y'all here larrays laugh sis he sounded like chubacka

    88. ayxh

      no one: the comments: charli: “there pretty”

    89. Madison Yeatts

      Hotdog slushy

    90. Horse lover Palmino

      0:55 is that a hickey on Alex’s neck

    91. Alejandra Sanabria

      Chase looked at Charli was going downstairs

    92. Victoria Loera

      "TONICK MERCH" yes :)

    93. Henry Schihl

      I did not see one in the toilet

    94. Camryn Renee

      How do I join the tear three

    95. Damari Mariano Guzman


    96. Libby's Kitchen

      Hot dog slushie!

    97. Coadee Maclellan

      chase's grammar does not exist like him and charli lol thomas love your vlogs

    98. Alex Zaharopoulos

      If you look you see Chase shirts off I wanna know what’s happening???