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    We Found The Next Hype House!
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    1. OOP


    2. Imani Figueroa

      chunky potato


      Chunky Potato 🥔

    4. Samantha Albi

      When I watched the video I was like 🙀! I saw the stickers and I was like WTF, that's my fucken mom's car! I was so happy and delighted to see one of my favorite youtuber's had filmed a shot of me and my mom in the car! Oh and pls don't come at me for being a Bucks and Packers fan I love them! I'm still shocked on how I was filmed and i didn't even notice. Cuz like I have the thing where I like to look behind me A LOT and I don't know how I didn't see that! It's funny how they noticed the plate. Like we put that because my sister makes a lot of mistakes and we are always saying "Oh No Mia"! I'm gonna go show my mom so ✌💝! I LOVE U THOMAS AND MIA! It's okay I have accidents when I drive too so I can relate! SO yes "FUCK U NICK!"

    5. Abby Rattazzi

      when they went to the pumpkin patch i was like “o that looks familiar” then i realized it was underwood family farms which is right down the street from where i live🤣

    6. Matilda Joy

      CHUNKY POTATOE 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

    7. Scarlet Caloir

      Lo siento no hablo takataka 😌

    8. Faze5_vibezz

      chunky potato

    9. Kristin Koekemoer

      Chunky potato !!!!!!!!

    10. Daisy Jorgensen

      Omg I am a big fan I love you guys so so much

    11. SuriPlayz

      Chunky potato

    12. Lilly K_ilyyy

      Chunky potato

    13. gilbert rodriguez

      Nick is cute 😍😘😄💍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💝

    14. Rhucha B

      Nicks hair changed from blonde to brown

    15. keeley cameron

      Chunky potatoes

    16. Daisy Juarez

      chunky potato

    17. Aubrey Reeves

      Chunky potato

    18. Matthew Richards


    19. Oralissilva Silva

      U guys keep moving and wasting money

    20. Lais Lopes

      chunky potato

    21. Sandra Villa

      por qué por un momento he pensando que el hombre que se sube al bus era bad bunny???jajajaja

    22. Angel Estrada

      Hype is lame AF. A BUNCH OF JOKES

    23. Haniya Passand

      Chunky potatoes Ur welcome

    24. Melanie Masters

      I love the home get it is cool Stella

    25. Avae Sweeney

      Chunky potato

    26. Shumaila Afzal


    27. Lilly Willuweit

      chunky potato

    28. ❤Gacha stories❤

      What about chonky potatoes?

    29. Maddi Seid

      if anyone knows what time nic says dude I have my loaf on me and when thomas says to ryland about him knowing how to break the law when jumping over the fence into the pumpkin patch, that would be awesome of anyone. 🥺🥺

    30. Amy Blyth

      Chunky potatoes

    31. Ivette Lopez

      Chunky potato

    32. Ashley Angel Siega

      already a next hype house??!??? this is like ur 3rd time or 3rd house

    33. Cloe smith

      Chunk potatoes 🥔 😘

    34. yvonne perez

      chunky potatoes

    35. Red Panda

      U should play among us in real life with the hype house

    36. シiris

      “Where's the hat? where's the hat?!”

    37. Mallory Lagana

      chunky potato

    38. Kaylani Edits


    39. iluxyii

      chuncky potato

    40. Lean Ataya

      Not trying to offend anybody or be rude but didn’t you move 4 months ago?

    41. Sophia Rojas

      chunky potato

    42. siimplyaprxl

      Y’all just be movin everywhere🥱😃

    43. sandra rosa

      5:58 Ubatuba n é um lugar em SP???

    44. Oli's Gacha

      chonky potato

    45. Karina OMG

      Did I really think jack was Nick

    46. Aaliyah LeSure

      Chunky potatoes

    47. Lara Borovnik

      Were are ondreaz and tony i miss them

    48. Mataya Elson

      Chunky potato

    49. Stupid Pink

      U guys just are

    50. Aesthtic vsco Sister vlogs

      chunky potatoes

    51. Peter Theo jolyn jansen

      Paper just does not want to leave beacuse tanna is across the street

    52. Mandy Montano

      Watch when they move out watch Jenny is going to steal from in there

    53. claire zhang

      chunky potatoes since no one's doing it

    54. Ava Frost 2024

      Chunky potatoes

    55. bella cook

      Chunky potato

    56. Daisy Morton

      Ok ok ur my fav....wait no it’s nick Austin

    57. ellervy plays

      hype house: *finds new house to trash then wastes money on a new one*

      1. ellervy plays

        @sandwich its none of yours either 😃

      2. sandwich

        i’m sorry but that’s non of ur business 😃

    58. Madi Romo

      Not me not being caught up wrong bish


      Can't believe my time was wasted sm. I'm sorryyys

    60. Zariya Harnarine

      Mia cunky potato🥔🥔🥔 Me CUNKY POTATO🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

    61. Gracia Leo


    62. Møchi_playz

      Didn’t they just got this house like 6 months ago? Btw not hating just wondering

    63. adriano jr

      But why do you want to move

    64. Soraya Olivares

      You guys just moved and your current house is nice... like come on

    65. Addyson Clancy


    66. Nayelli

      Chunky potatoes

    67. Bella Daly

      Literally the whole video is of Thomas laughing 😂

    68. PhyzikalEuッ

      Paper is going to tana house

    69. Emma me

      I like the second hype house

    70. BRILEY Valencia

      Chunky potato

    71. A girl named Chiara

      Nikita saying that bald people are freaks... she gets more problematic by the moment

    72. Paula Orriols

      Chunky potato

    73. Katelyn Reyes

      chunky potatoes

    74. David Navarro

      Chunky poato

    75. It’s Britney Bitch

      Bro lock chase and Charlie and don’t let them out until they kisss!!!!! Like if u guys want this.

    76. Alondra Perez

      Chunky potato

    77. shalesha patterson

      CHUNKY POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    78. Izzy


    79. Donel Cook

      Hi tik tok ivyonna Hamilton

    80. kiyoomi sakusa

      y'all are hating because they wanna move again. its their choice, their money, its THEIR decision. let them live damn.

    81. Mellisa Ayer

      Nooo don't move

    82. Mofe Adeyemi

      I don’t want them to move I really like this house but I understand if they have too I mean their address is literally on Google Maps

    83. gems byangie

      and they wonder why everyone shows up at their house

    84. Izzy Hann

      Is it Me or all they do is move house

    85. mabê

      do nada ubatuba açaí KKKKKK amei

    86. Itsnotamberp —

      Chunky 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

    87. Carol Espino


    88. stream given_taken


    89. Zahra Mohammed

      Omg is jack on drugs ???

      1. Zahra Mohammed

        I mean sway is not any better

      2. Zahra Mohammed

        Hype house be on drugs

    90. Kira Browne

      Chunky potato 🥔

    91. Michael Baez

      chuny potato

    92. Natalie Nwatchock

      no people in the hype house have never road to school in a public school bus

    93. Cam Lampe

      Mia: comment “chunky potatoes" No one: Seriously no one: Me: Chunky potatoes

    94. Cam Lampe

      I would be more than happy to take the property off your hands(“old” hype house)🙃😆

    95. x.hype. house.x

      Chunky potato

    96. Liliana Ii

      Why are you guys moving is do with privacy

    97. _iiamniiyaah_

      I was the 999k view 😝😝

    98. Jeniyah Cash

      Chunky potatoes 🥔🥔🥔

    99. Jessica Hooten

      I’m just saying this but they just moved into the house that they are in

    100. Rachel Singhaus

      Jack is so confused😂