We Found The New Hype House!

Thomas Petrou

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    We Found The New Hype House!
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    1. Emani TuslyL

      Charli watching the end: 👁👄👁

    2. Shuaib Hassan

      Justin old house then the old clout house and the faze house and sommer ray rice gum and mindofrez have lived at the house and now the hype house

    3. Jasmaine Shorty


    4. Harrison Wilds

      Old faze house?

    5. Valeria Tovar

      i wish i can go in the hip house

    6. Chavela Hdz

      You actually kicked lizzy Capri from that house so ya.... rude.

    7. Abby Hoyt

      Omg same

    8. Bray XL

      This house has been passed around more than kardashians in the NBA

    9. Dominika Rogers

      We prefer old hype house

    10. Grandpa Yoongi

      I lowkey kinda feel bad for Nick tbh

    11. elmo the devour of souls

      idk bout yall but this will always be the clouthouse for me

    12. Garcia Hernandez Melyzza

      Poor maids they clean everything

    13. skylar. robloxaesthetic

      I see people just comment random things and get lots and lots of likes sooo I am Ava

    14. do we jekehesner

      This actually isn’t the old clout house, they’re neighbours if u look on google earth they look the exact same but they arent

    15. Sdshadowslayer

      That house does not deserve cringey ass TikTok addicts

    16. Lia Plays


    17. ツLeah

      There's not 8 floors Alissa

    18. sshlice

      This will never be known as the hype house, it will always be the clout or faze house

    19. Sargon Matti


    20. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Stay canceled

    21. Layan Alojaiman


    22. Cool Bro

      I never thought gay kids would be in the faze house

      1. Cool Bro

        Angelique Jefferies hahahaha

      2. Its Kayla


    23. Israel Ortiz

      Faze house

    24. Moneymiles11

      Stop that’s the faze house

    25. Lyla Redlo

      Where’s the tour

    26. Taylee Vera

      NVM LOL

    27. Taylee Vera


    28. Matthew

      Mia wasn’t even on the phone

    29. Stephanie Casillas


    30. Mariyam Sura Zakariyya

      I'm a chopper 😉😂

    31. Regine Cruz

      He literally posted the video on my birthday that is so crazy I'm like crying and yelling and my mom like getting mad at me I have my own room cuz it's like 5 in the morning anyways I love your videos so much Thomas:)

    32. Gab

      i was looking for this vlog

    33. Lexofic

      It's clout house not ur hype house

    34. Lexofic

      Our old faze memories will be ruined 😔

    35. Julia Godoy Motta

      A CARINHA DO NICK 🥺🥺🥺🥺💔

    36. KAYLENNA.

      People did u guys get tomeses joke it took me a fee times to get it " mei thats when u see me "

    37. Jaydah Ilavalu

      i liked the old hype house BETTER

    38. Jemimah McKenzie

      I know this have nothing to do with this video but if u have something you want leave it down in the comments and I will pray it happen God bless ✝️❤️

    39. louis blair


    40. Aremperus

      this is the fucking faze house

    41. Fernando joel Mejia

      If yall know, You know that was the old Faze House

    42. Sujanatamang Tamang

      Tik tok gaaaayyyyyy

    43. Lemon Baby

      I love Alex’s impression of Kouvr! 2:37

    44. Wendy Nino


    45. Nahlia Howlett

      I the only one who notices that he does the same face for every thumbnail

    46. Addy Jurecki

      Why did kouvr have a screw driver in her room...

    47. Artibus

      Oml I haven’t seen a “house tour” but do you really think we need a house tour of the CLOUT HOUSE?!

    48. Lxzard X1

      Faze clan

    49. john gaviria

      11 old girl joined

    50. john gaviria

      Wouldn’t it be crazy if a 11 user of girls joined the hype house

    51. The_Reviewing_Kingdom YT

      Y'ALL RUINED THE CLOUT HOUSE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    52. jayda Smith

      That was the house were the famous people died and a tiktok person inspected behind the red chair was a valt

    53. Hope Hargreaves

      Thomas I think your beanie is very cool

    54. Aspen Maher

      Stay canceled

    55. Mariidakiid

      Stay canceled

    56. SylimpUwu

      This is so sad they just gonna bust in the clout house why that house it’s so iconic only Ogs been here since clout gang

    57. Sophie Winstanley

      Who else is watching this in lockdown

    58. Eva Saleh


    59. OtakuGamer YT

      Lmao imagine moving into the faze clan's old clout house thinking yall cool and shit lmao sorry to say but yall whack asf tik tokers in general be whack asf

    60. Trina S


    61. ItsPaoloPF8

      FaZe Fans : its not the New hype house, its the Old FaZe House

    62. Eric Ayala

      Faze house?

    63. PurgeFC

      You killed the old vibes big time

    64. PurgeFC

      You guys just ruined the memories of the clout house FaZe House

    65. 100k Subscribers with no videos

      f outta there boy that place always bouta be known as the Clout house

    66. LF Sony

      That’s not the cluet house that’s the old faze house

    67. Roblox with Tay

      Am I the only one that think nicks cute🥰🥵

    68. The0nly_Ali

      D I

    69. That_OoferChris

      Yay cringy TiK tokers moving into the old clout house and ruining the old memories there YaYyyy

    70. Zygian Del Mundo

      Booooo you took that house from Lizzy Capri now he had to move to carters house (witch is awsome) so yeah booooooo

    71. Raffaele cirandine

      Stay canceled

    72. _Kronos_

      Nah it’s FaZe house

    73. Nikola Kesler

      FaZe ❤

    74. Nikola Kesler

      i cant believe that tiktokers are moving into the Clout House......

    75. Billie Jean Blankenship


    76. mindy_plays YT

      the new hype house is Justin Bieber’s,clout house,faze house, and carter sharer home well kinda carters cause he barely had it for like a week or something

    77. Sadie Rivas


    78. Ashley Winston

      why no one realize that this house was ricegums!?

    79. Sophia Yeung (yeu1902)

      I miss the old hype house

    80. Noelle Mclawhorn


    81. Gaming with Elly! 1

      Mia- because he as a crush on u Thomas-Yes

    82. Lukas Stokseth

      That is the old faze house

    83. J U N G K O O K

      Bruh they kick out lizzy to buy that new hype house i love the old hype house better

    84. Yadi

      stay canceld

    85. Yadi

      the cleaners whatching this 😭(im on my computer not phone dont mind the emoji)

    86. xXGalaxyXx

      didnt lizzy capri buy this house or somethin???or rent team rar? ya know????

    87. Ant3z plays

      FaZe members used to live in the clout house and the faze house

    88. ZiYan Yiu

      the New Hype house is a f*cking apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. elma alvarez

      where charlie?

    90. A1ezro

      :O faze house

    91. Annie Just

      All legend were in the clout house sidemen team 10 hype house Nelk offset vlog squad

    92. Ceanna

      Shit I missed it again

    93. Janine Trujillo

      At the end Mia: because he has a crush on me Thomas:yes


      She wasn’t on the phone with anybody

    95. V&B PLAYS


      1. V&B PLAYS


    96. Cait Carolan

      stay canceleld

    97. BTS TAE TAE

      Do a video of chase starring at the canera

    98. Nayelli

      Stay canceled

    99. 3x.aztexz

      Who has Jarvis room