We Found Ondreaz A Girlfriend!

Thomas Petrou

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    We Found Ondreaz A Girlfriend!
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    1. Rachel Brown

      "Strawberry Octopus"-lets see Michel spell that..😂🤣😬

    2. Don't post


    3. Nour Saleh

      Strawberry octopus

    4. Imani Figueroa

      strawbarry octipus

    5. Mumtaz Abdullahi

      Chase was acting like he was drunk

    6. Angelica Hernandez

      Strawberry octopus 🐙

    7. nicole kubota

      It’s literally like a family and Mia is the bully in the family to Michel

    8. Alisia Chaliadamson

      No-one Like actually no-one Chases face when he was messing with the dino :| :0 :| :0

    9. Gali Martinez

      The tv at 3:09 thoooo

    10. Daniel Sabajo


    11. Grace Toohey

      Strawberry octopus

    12. Aubrey Applins

      I just noticed that the sun glasses that chase was wearing are Charlis cause she was wearing them in one of her old tiktoks 😳

    13. THE POTATO

      whos watching this when ondreaz and hannah are dating!!!!

    14. Abdurahman Hussen

      strawberry octopus

    15. Almendra Villafana

      Strawberry octopus

    16. SELA LUI

      ondrea: why you talking to my blind date like that bru tony: whos yo blind date? ondrea:you see wht it is

    17. MICHELLE P

      starbarry actupus

    18. Emani TuslyL

      Strawberry octopus

    19. Ur moma Blossom


    20. Natasha dockery

      Any age I'm moving in💼

    21. Roblox girlies

      Strawberry octopus 🐙

    22. Martin Rayo

      I literally I saw Brent but it was nayt Wyatt

    23. Martin Rayo

      Lil Moosey my bro and my favorite

    24. Lily Joubert

      I would love one of those dinosaurs they look so much fun

    25. Khaleed Alatoom

      But Andres have Hannah

    26. Ella’s Corner

      Strawberry octopus😛

    27. Lawrence Jordan

      hey kids are wacting this bruh

    28. Leeann Amonde

      strawberry octupos

    29. Jasmaine Shorty


    30. Nechama Kap

      4:20 It's a dunkin drink

    31. Meadow Lucrkut


    32. Marquise Goff

      No he didn't


      strawberry octopus


        i said it

    34. 별명Alia

      Why dosent anyone comment the two words like yeez Strawberry octopus

    35. Abbie Maliska

      Strawberry octopus

    36. jamila mohamed

      chase you look funny on that

    37. jamila mohamed

      tony lopez looks cute in this shirt and ever where

    38. Sienna Tootle

      You or so funny ❤️

    39. Nicole Gonzalez

      I have one to

    40. Rykell Montague


    41. Kailie Diaz

      Strawberry octopus ❤️

    42. cristian Gonzalez

      Strawberry octopus

    43. Saylor Ray

      Strawberry octopus

    44. Yolanda Walker

      little do they know that in 4 month HE'D BE DATING HANNAH STOCKINGGG

    45. SoaR Boss

      Strawberry octopus

    46. SoaR Boss

      How old are you

    47. Magdalena Ilic

      Strawberry octopus

    48. Denika Moore

      Strawberry😍🐙 if I can have you over I will give you all the chocolate I have Vanessa. And also tase Michael Michael antes Chase just for fun and actually taste and not play with them

    49. Megie Nel

      strawberry octopus yep I watched the entire video

    50. Aubree Escobar

      Hannah be like (hannaha:) uhh WHO AM I

    51. Analee Rodriguez

      strawberry octopus

    52. Esmeralda Olivo

      Mia and korver are such a sweet best friends btw love u guys☺️

    53. Sadan Al Abdullah Al Abdullah

      Strawberry octopus

    54. Tony Lopez

      Ondreaz had a family and kids and tony is the fun funny single one hahahahha

    55. jessiethefoodlover 2007

      They did find him a girlfriend her name is hannah stocking

    56. Yeet Yeet

      Strawberry octopus

    57. Oriany Martinez

      Strawberry octopus

    58. emma louise

      stawberry octopus

    59. NuggetPlayz Roblox

      4 months later he’s dating Hannah stocking

    60. bad_gamer

      straw berry actopuss

    61. Elaine Hopkins

      Strawberry octapussy

    62. ReppinThaO

      Strawberries Wasilla

    63. LeAnn Develos

      strawberry octopus

    64. LlamaVr YT

      Now hes with Hannah ❤️🥺

    65. Zoe Carragher


    66. emily Burdge

      I am 16

    67. Talina Ferrer

      strawberry octopus

    68. AnaMaria Ochoa

      strawberry octopus

    69. Reyn Nakaahiki

      Each time kouvr is in Thomson’s vlogs she is so cute and looks amazing and Mia to they are both cute and beautiful

    70. Baani Dhillon

      Strawberry octopus

    71. Ashley Salas Vazquez

      i love your songs lil mosey

    72. SensitiveFlxwer


    73. Hania plays roblox

      strawberry ouctopus

    74. Layla Lou

      strawberry octopus

    75. Not Joey

      Strawberry octopus 🐙

    76. Lexi Corro

      I want the dinosaur it’s so cute

    77. Sunning Thao

      strawberry OCTAPUS

    78. Aasia Do

      Ondeaz girl is hannha

    79. mk Croslin

      Stroderry octupus

    80. ramona swaney

      strawberry octupus

    81. Martinez Natalie

      StRaWbErRy OcToPuS

    82. Shandrè Koch

      Can u do one where you fill Bryce bathroom with Addison's pictures🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️🤔

    83. medini :p

      is nobody else here from when ondreaz is dating hannah?

    84. Haydie Moon

      Strawberry octopus

    85. Harper Granger

      strawberry octopus just like mia said

    86. Jimmie Johnson

      thomas trying to find ondreaz a girlfriend and now look he is with hanna

    87. Paige Smith12

      I love you Nick Austin

    88. Sunny Blesses

      They are so cool 😎😎😂😝😅😂😬

    89. Shalesha Patterson

      strawberry octopus

    90. Sara Alhameli

      Strawberry octopus

    91. Mia Delaney

      Strawberry octopus

    92. Fred Cruz


    93. Kaitlin Mathis

      Oh my goodness

    94. Wolf GamerGirl

      Strawberry octopus

    95. Santana Mejia

      Can i have one of the dino

    96. Jeremy Free

      That's that is the one kid off of blueberry faygo I love that song I listen to it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    97. Hernesto Banos

      Hes with Hannah......

    98. Ibraim Dauti

      And I love you so much

    99. Ibraim Dauti

      Omg is there anyway omg

    100. taco lane366

      strawberry octopus