We Had To Say Goodbye...

Thomas Petrou

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    We Had To Say Goodbye...
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    1. Markys Charles

      Me tooooo

    2. Brady Cook YouTube channel

      Can i join the hype house

    3. Faith CC

      i͚ w͚a͚s͚ late

    4. Alexa Melchor

      That sounds so sexist bro... when Charlie said imagine being called Charlie as a gilr

    5. Mikala Whitehead

      now hype house

    6. hayleigh grierson

      you did this on my bithay

    7. Jedaiah Jallah

      I am dying of laughter

    8. AnaMaria Ochoa

      new hype house

    9. gems byangie

      paper seems so sweet and he didn’t know what to say😭😭😭

    10. ramona swaney

      new house

    11. Nikita Howard

      new hype house

    12. ItzSommer

      okay but micheal when he had black hair......... ummm sheeeeiiiittt

    13. Sofia Merlussi

      eu sinto falta de tonick, isso sim

    14. Caden Kreeft

      New hype house birch

    15. Melissa Fuentes Granados

      yup me tooooooooooooooo bye old hype house s

    16. Karim Khazoula

      New hyped house

    17. Quandell Smith

      Kover like did you get that and didn’t check if she was fine lol

    18. Isabel Echevarria

      new hyep house

    19. ECL_X_SOLAR

      oh shit he have charlies pics all of the shower😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    20. Haylee Erickson

      being in the hype house is like being in the hunger games

    21. Madison Hufnagel

      Thai made me cry so many memoris

    22. Harold Frederik

      Its really always so loud at the hype house

    23. bella booskies

      Nick is so fine


      no ones going to say that charli's pics are still up

    25. Tiffanie Howes

      im crying cuz i miss this kind of hype house

    26. IamAshely Playz

      When I am sad I Watch your and Alex’s vlogs

    27. Jillian

      Lmao nick and ryland

    28. Google_gray

      Why is this kinda sad tho..

    29. Nevaeh Romero

      new hype hose

    30. netoordonez

      New hype house

    31. Nateasha Davis

      I really wanted to join the hype house

    32. Irene Tumbles

      Whos here septermber 4?

    33. cloudy potato

      Did nobody else realize that Charli's pictures were on the shower door?!? No? Just me then? ;-;

    34. Itz Maddie Here

      new hype house

    35. c o c o n u t p i n e a p l e

      Anyone gonna talk abt how chases mirror still has pictures of Charli on it

    36. Dakota MSP

      Am i the only one that thinks its so freaking hot how fast Ryland ran down the stairs like he was the fastest lmao ❤ (in first try)

    37. Madilyn Cardona

      old hype house!

    38. Tamara Sam

      We well miss the first house of the hype house

    39. Mariyam Sura Zakariyya

      New Hype House 🏡

    40. Someone ??

      Mia is really violent

    41. Gab

      new hype house

    42. Shaunna. Buggy

      U said description really weird and I miss the old hype house even know its mon Aug 24

    43. Ian Loveridge

      New hype house

    44. Duaa Elfarra


    45. Gabriel Dos Santos

      i feel bad kouvr burnt her juul dont those cost alot im sorry idk i dont vape lmao also i never knew they vaped

    46. Cam Doyle

      goodbye old tiktok

    47. Xena Suman

      Did you see Michel hair it was so weird

    48. Lyriq Tito

      New hype house

    49. Arelie Sandoval

      Aww I miss the old hype house

    50. Rihanna Cobaxin

      New hype house

    51. Laken Marie

      im still curious on what kouvr and mia were burning

    52. cheyenne higham

      new hype house

    53. Adan Deleon

      I fill bad of paper 😞

    54. Sam Mintz

      we just gonna ignore the fact that he MESSED UP THE WORD “description” xD

    55. Madyson Wentworth

      No diversity? What about chase

    56. Mackenzie Shoob

      Michael is so hot with hair oml

    57. Joey Preston

      That spray thing got range!!!

    58. Pïck1ë !!

      thomas: there burning mias *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

    59. Tereza Abdel Malik

      Micheal’s hair in that video clip

    60. julia m


    61. Rhona Schoeller

      Y’all are so mean to pauper I felt bad when he was about to say sorry and then Riley talked over him

    62. Peggy Fortenberry

      new house

    63. Hype_house _123

      Me watching All the videos of the hype house cause I’m lonely and depressed and they are the only people that make me happy

    64. Fantastic days With me


    65. Alyssa - Nguyen

      A good challenge would be last to stop swearing 🤬

    66. Bacon _0

      Who else is watching this in august

    67. Hlya Acc only

      In 1:01 the way tony toke nick

    68. Sarah Watkins

      no one: not even the cats: nO oNe At AlL: michael: 0:30 *falls* ondreaz: 😐 *shakes head no*

    69. Sarah Watkins

      their bathrooms are bigger then my room 🤣

    70. Zare Chochor

      New hype house💔🥺

    71. Kenyonne Summers

      New hype house

    72. ava dquaver


    73. Megan Miller

      Are we not going to talk about the fact that Chase still had the pictures in his bathroom?

    74. Roman Ordonez

      The way nick slide

    75. Sweet Charr

      New hype house! !!

    76. LazyLivia

      I love how Micheal FigHTS everyone

    77. Pich Molina

      new hyp house :)

    78. Lexi M

      New hype house

    79. Liv

      the scenes in 2019 litterly are so fun to watch that you Guys said that everybody Hates you

    80. Tiferet H

      They are aware baba ganush is a eggplant and mayo salad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. Júlia Genuino Tôrres

      thomas seems to be a very nice and funny guy, but his laugh anoys me

    82. Yadi

      new SWYPE house :)

    83. Starry Cactxs

      MAPLE SYRUP😂😂I'M sorry

    84. Rebecca Kennedy

      is anybody here after the old hype house was broken into by clementine and her friends ? just me ok

    85. Blissxful __

      New hype house

    86. I’m among us 101

      December 22 is my birthday

    87. Mikayla Nunnelee

      new hype house

    88. Edits Forever

      My sister is named charleigh

    89. kitty lover


    90. Ceanna

      New hype house

    91. Maj Mendoza

      Where can I find the dec.2019 vlog??? Anyone? Pls thanks in advance

    92. Frogsoncloud9

      Is Nick gay?

    93. Nayelli

      New hype house


      Omg chase still has Charli’s in the shower well he did till they moved

    95. tia

      no one: Micheal: jumps down half the stairs to catch a napkin

    96. wolf girl /jade Colli

      Omg nick is so cut

    97. Mariana Garcia

      I’m gonna miss the old hype house not gonna lie “new hype house “

    98. Livia Adamova


    99. Gab

      New hype house

    100. Lets Days

      they still have charli photos up lol