We Had To Move Out...

Thomas Petrou

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    We Had To Move Out...
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    1. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    2. regan tobin 09

      nick is so cute 'it's a giant teddy bear' 'i can sleep with this one and the little one and the medium one' i love him

    3. Andi the roblox pro

      pinapple sauce

    4. Andrew hundley

      My mouth would work better 😋

    5. Jayce Bell

      #testicuzzi #ewww #ilovetiktok

    6. Elias Celones

      why testicuzi?? lmao

    7. Cheater Gazz

      This is how many people love the hype house 👇🏻

    8. Liberty C

      Thomas and Mia are so cute together

    9. Nesta Njuguna

      Pineapple sausage and No one Michael: kancelled

    10. Jennifer Mcgowan

      Its sway all day

    11. Aleayah Card

      I’m pretty sure Mia said pineapple soldier

    12. Kimiko Davis

      Leave the child wholesum

    13. Hana Hadid

      pinapple suace

    14. Hana Hadid

      and me 8

    15. Hana Hadid

      u still belive in santa even i dont

    16. Noor :D

      Plz bring chase and Nikita more teehee

    17. evia thomson

      mias slippers 😌

    18. Samira Ahmed

      Today the vlog is about laughing

    19. Sunny Sun flower

      Pineapple sauce?

    20. Mia Ryan

      Ryland: harry harry harry HARRYYY

    21. Shosho Q

      Tony: nick i love you Nick : i love you too

    22. Maizy Desrochers

      dazed and conused

    23. Maizy Desrochers

      omg ruel

    24. Layan Darwish

      Did anyone hear ryland say I don’t speak Muslim

    25. Angel Zaragoza

      Can they just make a show about the hype house already

    26. Victoria H.

      I felt uncomfortable when Micheal and Thomas were using the Jacuzzi..... Nick looks more hot with teddy bears!!!

    27. Zion Kerrens

      he likes sofie tony

    28. orosamelio

      No one: Not even Michael: Chase: give me my phone back so I can beat my meat and cry in the shower Me: TMI Chile-

    29. Addi kort

      I love how they are acting like they are a family. I know hey live in the same house so they are like family. I love hem all so much!!!

    30. Alizandria Martinez


    31. Paula Giraldo


    32. HoneyAngel Playz

      If I was in hype I'd hangout with Chase everyday, he's cute, he's funny he's dope, and lowkey weird but in a great way😌

      1. Cayden Ramsey

        That’s me with nick

      2. Mia Forrester

        And scArY

    33. Let's get to 400 subscribers before December 29

      Everyone knows the title was clickbait but still wanted to watch the video!

    34. Itz Maddie Here

      pineapple sausage..... I think

    35. Mariyam Sura Zakariyya

      Buffalo Soldier Pineapple 🍍 Sauce

    36. Paul Mansfield

      Pineapple source/soft sorry I did not here her

    37. Kimberly Zavala

      OMG hi

    38. taym Etagdi

      What happed to cronaa

    39. Jaimie Choge

      I love how The vlogs are so original

    40. siriin1

      Did mia said apple souse

    41. Rihanna Cobaxin

      Pinapel sagous

    42. thaila Lima

      One thing that I put in my head and I will not remove, always in all the endings of Thomas' vlog, mia is behind moving or fixing something

    43. Kalani Glascock


    44. Chrisan

      Who else loves the intro music ❤️

    45. Pizza man

      No: Literally no one: Tomas: hehehehehhe Not tryna be mean

    46. Asthellic


    47. Sara S

      Who else wants to see nick's room and all his teddy bears

    48. Leif

      3:41 when you see the beer can

    49. Life Of A Princess

      Pineapple soda

    50. Elsworth Johnson Jr

      could y’all make your videos longer

    51. Ian Loveridge

      Pineapple sauce

    52. Temeira Govender

      I LOVE your video's so so much ❤ and I don't go to sleep if I don't whach your videos Love from Angel Govender

    53. Nicky Salani

      Apple sause

    54. Sequoia Morris

      Me mia and nick are so alike because my favorite animal is a bear 🐻❤

    55. Xx_lovelyxx

      I meant “too hot to handle

    56. Xx_lovelyxx


    57. Xx_lovelyxx

      Is harry from the Netflix show “love island”

    58. Marleigh Miller

      Why did chase look like Edna from the incredibles

    59. Patricia Cummins

      Make longer videos

    60. Macie Mann

      No one: Ryland:Harreey Harreey

    61. I love black pink Holla

      Is nobody gunna talk about how chase wears glasses 🤓

    62. Tre Kae

      Y tf was Nikita in the thumbnail 😂😂

    63. Chyanne Braun

      what's the point in making them free if shipping is $20

    64. enkin_eboni_ dunkin

      The stupidest person in the hype house is Michel

    65. Denisse Merino

      I’m like nick I have so many teddy bears and I still want more😊

    66. Red Rose24

      Thomas’s face in every Video thing, 👁👄👁

    67. Jessicaa

      Tayler: you don't keep your homies hair ? Weird... Like what? Lmfaoooo 😂😂

    68. Emma Loo

      pinnapple sause

    69. Nadya Thalib

      Ondreaz is 🔥

    70. Shaikha Mulla

      I love you mia

    71. Lola Beeson

      Calvin acts like me at 4:41 lmfao

    72. coochie man

      Chases handwriting I-

    73. Lilly Pandas

      Did anyone else notice that he did not say good morning everyone 😯

    74. Dylan Williams

      0:07 i- chase does that?

    75. Michelle Mutsanya

      5:22 what the hell was he holding

    76. yadira aguilar

      pineapple solder

    77. gloriveth liscano

      Hairy should be part of the hype house please

    78. Anais Bhullar

      Pineapple sauce

    79. Kelsey Leona

      No one gonna talk about at 3:11 someone just runs across in the background. (I think it was ondreaz but it was fast so it was hard to tell)

    80. Vlogalexa

      Are we going to talk about the note chase sent 🖤💜💚😂

    81. Hype_house _123

      I like how At the end of the video they say to comment something and like Nobody comments it

    82. Fiona Richardson

      Tbh Nasra S most of all the titles are clickbait, all the videos are so random XDD

    83. Carmen Sanders

      My phone ↩️↪️↩️↪️

    84. Tamira M

      We need a house tour

    85. Deanna Henry

      is ryland gay?

    86. Gabriel Hernandez


    87. Gabriel Hernandez

      Hahahah i love HUfast

    88. Camrie Walton

      Hey Thomas since tik tok is shutting down you guys should come to likee

    89. ayeza iqbal

      Pineapple sauce

    90. Lovely

      I love Chase’s message😂

    91. the Queen of Halloween

      I will say you do look like Grayson Dolan but I will say he is more attractive

    92. Leiy Cartalla

      I wish harry would join the hype house

    93. Dawn Womack

      Me and the nick are the same way we both love teddy bears even big ones and m medium ones and small ones LOL

    94. Bish

      And now tanner has corona

    95. autumn's world

      So nobody is gonna talk about 5:08 where it looks like nikita has a cigarette in her mouth????

      1. ayeza iqbal

        I saw it

    96. Jamie Slaughter

      Pineapple sauce

    97. Alice Willson

      I love chases handwriting

    98. Meg G

      I don’t like Michale

    99. Rose Benoit

      Pineapple sausage???

    100. Carl Lorca

      Your in the faze house