We Left The Hype House...

Thomas Petrou

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    We Left The Hype House...
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    1. Haya Asfour

      All I heard : Chase : WHAT THE FUCK The rest of the boys : HOLY FUCK , FUCK SHIT me : Ight

    2. Sarah Pannoh

      Chase would be a good dad

    3. antonino saccomanno

      I like how Chase was so concerned about that situation.

    4. Leah _thekpopfan127

      1:13 that really got me good!!💀😂

    5. Elizabeth Morrow

      ok but Mia has the perfect horror movie scream

    6. S.O.S DREAMIN’

      You left team 10. Now the hype house. Looks like to me, ur the problem

    7. brie A

      Is no one gonna talk about mias scream though! That sent chills


      i love how the emo boy is ilke they canbe like a gun to there something

    9. _feral. yandere



      Que vuelvan esos tiempos

    11. Alanna Boadway

      The amount of times they said the f word in this video-

    12. Elaine Moua

      Chase acted exactly how I thought he would, what a good friend

    13. Kaylee Eleam


    14. ramona swaney

      im chapa

    15. lei thomas

      chase has skinnier legs than me and im only 11

    16. Barner Perry Adyson

      I’m a chapa 😂😂😂

    17. Elizabeth

      Thomas in every thumb nail: 😧🤚

    18. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

      Imma choppppaaaaaaaa

    19. Abigail Kautz

      i like how micheal is like omg mia

    20. Heather Smith

      Mia's scream was insane!!!

    21. cobra Xavier

      Dude nick was just trying to play fortnite

    22. mystiiq beex

      I swear to God all you and Alex's Videos are so funny. Great content! But seriously when Nick said, "Comment below that I am a Chopper", the way he said it.

    23. Julyanna Adriene De Villa

      Mia’s so pretty

    24. Julyanna Adriene De Villa


    25. Veronique Laurin

      I’m a choppaaaaaaa

    26. Julyanna Adriene De Villa

      Ummm mia’s scream was hella loud

    27. Damaris Ramos

      Chase is not cute or hot

      1. I love black pink Holla

        You don’t get it

    28. Vanessa Truong

      Why is Mia so good at screaming tho...?

    29. Zolar dooel.kumanovo

      f who pold nick panc doun f you i love nick not you

    30. Addiesstuff _

      I found it so cute when Mia screamed and Thomas said“OMG MIA?!” Idk if that was just me tho

    31. Naomi Robles

      Chase was very serious because he does not want his friends and him self to be in danger

    32. Sophie Nybøe

      Tony sat in the car in front of nick wen calvin puled his pans down😂😂😂

    33. Annie Lopez

      I love when the whole house gets together to do a prank on one person it’s like the best prank

    34. Annaleise Doyle

      I just noticed some thing. When they were doing a prank on Chase with the girls went missing, you could see how much he actually cared. You can see how much he actually cares about them.🥺🥺🥺😖😖😖💖💖💖 that’s so cute😖💖🥺

    35. Shweta Singh

      This was posted on my birthday yay

    36. Nurin Damia

      I..... Gonna.... Be...... Sightingful

    37. Mia Camacho

      Tony looked really hot at the end tho not gonna lie

    38. Dina Leitner

      Me in the last clip = 🤔😳🤣

    39. Briana Gonzalez

      September 2020 anyone I love how Tony is in a while mood he's soooo cute!!!!💕🚁♥️

    40. Ava Barmar

      If that happend to me all I would do is say shut up

    41. Shut Up

      Chase and nick are mine but they don’t know yet

    42. Sasuke Uchiha

      Tony scares me at the end 😵

    43. Keeping up with Bella

      Thomas: iTs NoT fUnnY ToNY

    44. Vintxge_Gracie

      ImMa ChOpA cOmEnNt Im A cHoPaA

    45. Gacha Playzz

      Thomas :Tony come.here Tony "looks us.up and down the dose the eye brow thingy Me:IM JUST A KID WHO IS 10 EACH DAY I GROW SOME MORE

    46. Anthony Carneiro

      Anyone else went here from his recent video on paper liking nikita? When they talk about chase holding a light saver at the robber

    47. Simping over HIM

      I’m a chopper

    48. Khaliyah Martin

      Imma choppa

    49. savanna_

      iMa chOppA

    50. Alpho Kal

      I'M A ChOPpeR

    51. Emily Lopez (Student)

      ima chopaaaa

    52. Forever Squad

      I’m a chopper

    53. Aubrey Graceful

      Imma choppaa

    54. Grace Tumelty

      This is why I would trust chase and Micheal with my life

    55. metroavery

      i’m watching the part where they scare chase at 11pm and i was so scared even tho i watched the entire video 😂😂

    56. RevengeOnDiaz -_-

      Everyone with weapons: We about to kick some ass

    57. Maria Nachim

      Paper cam

    58. Gabriel Dos Santos

      also i love how when mia screamed michael was like "OMG MIAAA" thats a good friend right there and mia just abyses him :(

    59. Gabriel Dos Santos

      i love how im just scared for yalls future lmao also we love a good clickbait dont we

    60. Aria Mclachlan

      4:18 did anyone else play the slap over and over again

    61. jennna fernandez

      im a chopper

    62. Kelsey Leona

      Spit on it. Keep it swinging. Im dead

    63. loren

      imma chapa ps love nick austin

    64. Mia Flores


    65. Makaela Jade

      Imagine this actually happening after the prank and Chase being like i know you all are fucking with me like:👁️👄👁️

    66. Tiktok info

      Truth Click beat btw you use the same face every video

    67. Arelie Sandoval

      Tony at the end with the camera lol 😂

    68. Carolina Baltazar

      im in las vegas and thier was a expolion by my house and the power went out and all 13 of my bothers where so scared and one of my brother hurt his knee and did not get his crustes because of my dog

    69. Rihanna Cobaxin


    70. Kayla Hipshire

      Mia's scream sounded like it was in a horror movie literally so REALISTIC

    71. Carl Crosby

      Nick is Moody😆

    72. Miriam Moreno

      I’m a choppaa

    73. Gabbi Panyanouvong

      Mia:yells* Michael:Oh my g*d mia* I just love how he knows it was mis

    74. Brockolaca 07

      im a choper

    75. Lilly Pandas


    76. hailey burnette

      At the end thoooooo❤️

    77. ju lia

      hehe they spelled papper wrong

    78. Mariidakiid

      I’m a choppa

    79. Hannah Maisner

      i'm chopper but i'm also a chopstick

    80. Hartley Buddy

      I'm a choppa

    81. Alexia Parkin

      Oki: ImMa ChOpA

    82. Arin Robles

      I just came back from lake Havasu my family bought a boat....it’s really fun, you should go to lake pleasant if you guys have a boat or rent one. Hope you guys had fun

    83. Peggy Fortenberry

      im a chopper

    84. Anais Bhullar

      I’m a chopper

    85. Nely Ridriguez


    86. Violka Murawska

      No one: Absolutely no one: Chase:walks around w a light saver 😂

    87. Niamh Carr

      I am chopper

    88. Henley Quinn

      When tony took the camera I just died lmao

    89. Emerson Drummond

      Aw nick was wearing Addisons pouty face merch

    90. Emma Schreyer

      Michael: grabs a crowbar Chase: GrAbS fRiCkEn LacRoSs StIcK

    91. Ahmad Muhanna

      Like literally I had to scare chase that bad that he actually cares about people

    92. Ahmad Muhanna

      The only part about this video that makes sense is that even now

    93. Alejandra Alcantar

      𝙲𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚎 𝚋𝚞𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛❣️🤣

    94. Molly allison

      1:52 Thomas being protective of Mia

    95. Keeping up with Bella

      Thomas: “ThAts NoT FUnnY ToNy”

    96. Gabrijela Tahirovic


    97. Amiayah Lambert



      hi I love you guys so much can I have a shout out plz it will mean a lot to me

    99. PokeRoar

      I’ve been to Lake Havesu

    100. gi3ggy

      im a little chopper