We've Never Told Anyone This Before!

Thomas Petrou

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    We've Never Told Anyone This Before!
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    1. Kaitlyn and samiyah Boley

      My respect for Michael, went to 100, because he watches the vampire diaries and Riverdale

    2. Ivan Ruiz

      Purple mangos

    3. Madelyn Hemler

      Purple mangoes 🥭💜

    4. Ashley lets Play

      Purple mangos

    5. Imani Figueroa

      purple mango

    6. Alexander Garcia Pavon

      No one: Me: Nick is so cute

    7. Alisia Chaliadamson

      purple mangos

    8. Ezperanza Villalobos

      only cutest here is: nick,michael, and tayler

    9. EliteDragonKin

      That’s the same tube as us in the water of course airhead tube

    10. Fayruz Alharbi

      purple mangos

    11. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Purple mangos lol 🦖💜✊

    12. Sydney Gill

      PURPLE MANGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Jaylin Iwen

      Purple mangos

    14. Blûe Bear

      Purple mangos (;

    15. Kiera Thomas

      PuRpLe MaNgO

    16. William Sitompul

      purple mangos

    17. Sophie Reid

      Nick: I’m lightening McQueen now kapow kachow

    18. Yahaira Merino

      Bruh I have more respect for Michael than all yall vampire diaries yessir

    19. Madeleine Benson

      "im lighting macqueen KAPOW WICHOW"

    20. Premendra Verma

      purple mango

    21. Roblox Hype House

      Purple mangos

    22. Aliana Manasek

      Thomas: everyone is gonna comment nick is cute me:starts laughing has hard as i can also Thomas:micheal wants to tell me what charges faster than a tesla charger Micheal: Unlock the car now

    23. Annabelle Kendall

      Purple Mangos 🥭

    24. saliya wilson

      purple mangoes

    25. Phoenix Clement

      nick is hot

    26. Ryleigh Taylor

      Purple mangos

    27. Sophie Marie

      0:50 my baby be looking FIIIIINNNEEEE

    28. Cece Nila

      I love tvd

    29. Olivia Nuttall

      Nick is so cute 🤤🤤🤤

    30. Speesy Cheesy

      Remember this name (trust me)

    31. AnaMaria Ochoa

      per pule mango

    32. Trina Whittington

      Purple duck

    33. Sofia Morales

      purple something sorry i forgot

    34. rgalat1975

      purple mangoes

    35. Remy Duke

      purple mangoes

    36. Shalesha Patterson

      purple mango done

    37. olivia Taylor

      perple mangos sorry if i spelt it wrong

    38. firdaws ezekiel

      Purple mangoes

    39. Avery's life we lit

      Purple mango

    40. Wolf GamerGirl

      Purple mangos

    41. Karizma Rodriguez

      I have reported for Michael because he watches The Vampire Dairies and Riverdale

    42. Laelah Fraser

      Purple Mangoes

    43. iiAurorasii

      Purple mangos

    44. Briana Roman

      purple mango

    45. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

      Purple Mangos!

    46. Summers life

      Nick is so cute tho x

    47. Launa Steele

      I love vampire diaries and I'm 10 years old


      Purple mangoes

    49. Jasira Barnes

      Purple mangos

    50. Alexa Aguero

      Purple mango

    51. vaeh vaeh

      PURPLE MANGOES!!!!!!

      1. vaeh vaeh

        i probably didnt even spell that right but idc

    52. XX god Gamer

      Purple mango

    53. julianne brewer

      Thomas: the comments will be nick is soo cute Me: YES HE IS

    54. Dad

      I fucking LOVEEEEEeEeeEe Patrick

    55. Hanaa beialy

      Finally Thomas did a vlog longer then 15 mins

    56. Dreada Augustin

      bro larray is a BADDIE :)-

    57. PJ Pringle

      Purple mango

    58. Brianna Duenez

      Purple mangos

    59. Tyrese Clark

      purple mangos

    60. Nancy Tillson

      Yes Michael Riverdale is the best

    61. erinda zejn

      Nick and Thomas are 😂😂😂 soo funny

    62. my name jennel

      Am I the only one who sees the girl next to patty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    63. Sophie Nybøe

      Purpule mangos💜🥭

    64. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Purple mangoes 😅😂🤣

    65. Storm Welch


    66. Dana Marri

      Purple mangoooo

    67. Maleeka Obaidi

      purple mango!

    68. AaPotatoe potota

      Purple mangoes

    69. Sharnta Boyle hilton

      Purple mango

    70. Hope Renda

      Purple mangos

    71. Jordyn Ching

      i love nick🥰🥰🥰

    72. Caitlyn Bell

      Purple mangos?

    73. Jess Barber

      Perple mangos

    74. Reenaraerae1115

      Don’t. Say. Bad. Word

    75. Yahir Alvarado

      nick is so hot

    76. Tara Lord17

      When Patrick is too short to sit and drive

    77. Blu_ Bxrry

      Purple mango’s!!!! 💜🥭

    78. Toxic Diamonds

      purple mangos

    79. Lisa Dissection

      purple mango's am I the only person who made it to the end?

    80. AllyPlayz

      Purple mangos

    81. Santana Sanchez

      Hehehehe I love u and Mia so much 🤠

    82. Mimi

      Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Thomas said the N-word

    83. Tori S

      Purple mangos😂

    84. Lindsey Miller

      Wait tell me I’m wrong Thomas laughs at Kouvr for being scared of ducks but Thomas is scared of maple syrup😂😂😂

    85. Itz Maddie Here

      I HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA!!! ZHC has made iphones, ipads, designer stuff and even a BUS! Thats the defenition of go big or go home. Now he should make a hype boat. also,,,,,,, purple mangoes

    86. Cece Cruise

      Purple mango

    87. Madison Meerun

      Hewo nick😄

    88. Arisha Shchenikova

      Purple mangos, we love ur vlogs✨

    89. Phoebe Russell

      Purple mango

    90. Veronica Martin

      “Omg Nick Is So Cute” Jk jk it’s obviously Calvin and Patrick Also purple mangos

    91. Paul Mansfield

      Purple magos

    92. Armela Gjura

      Purple mango

    93. ꧁ItzCity_Bear꧂シ

      Purple mangos

    94. Fallons Taylorsfan

      Purple mangos

    95. Mia Plays

      Purple mango

    96. Simping over HIM

      Purple mangos

    97. Catherine Rowntree

      michael is my king now because he watches vampire diaries and riverdale

    98. Khaliyah Martin

      Purple mangoes

    99. Lesly Melissa Ponce P

      sup bichs

    100. Grace Richo

      Purple mangos