We've Been Lying To You...

Thomas Petrou

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    We've Been Lying To You...
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    1. Reggie Porcha

      Ur videos are funny especially when Mia shoot Markell with a paint ball gun lol so funny

    2. Sofi Marie

      the adults are talking😤... ok so I got Cinnamon Toast Crunch.... 🤣

    3. leslyy !

      Am I too late for the $1,000😅

    4. Gabriela Monreal


    5. Angelica Hernandez

      Peanut butter crisps

    6. Jasmine Fournier-Malo

      aeww cute penguin KISS heh cute!!

    7. Rosa Burciaga

      peanut butter crispy

    8. Madison Vertulia

      done and I love your videos

    9. Lola Collins

      Their videos are such click bait but I love them

    10. Matilda Joy


    11. Emme Starkey

      Peanut butter crispy

    12. Jamie Walker

      i dont h6ave inter

    13. Ana Rodrigues

      peanut butter crispy

    14. Falon Dakota Masteller

      i pour milk befour ceral

    15. Cassandra Tymchuk

      0:30 his mask is up side down

    16. Laura Finch

      I freaking love your vlogs😂💕

    17. Faze5_vibezz

      peanut butter crispy

    18. Kristin Koekemoer

      Peanut butter Krispy!!!!!

    19. Valeria Sandoval

      Peanut butter crispy

    20. Lea Palmer

      Peanut Butter crispy

    21. Your Mom

      Why do you sleep with her that’s the first time you kissed her

    22. Lexi Rutherford

      peanut butter crispy

    23. Janai Perez

      peanut butter krispie

    24. Mr. Ghoul

      Hey Thomas, I’m danny. I’m a big fan and am super grateful for your videos and content. I’m currently homeless and was disowned by my parents. I really want to become a HUfast but have been bullied and put down all my life. I got fired from my job because my coworkers lied and spread rumors about me. Thank you so much for lifting my spirits and making my day I love both you and Mia.

    25. Emma Martinez

      Peanut butter crispy

    26. Monique Guye

      Peanut butter crispy

    27. Chloe Colvin

      I poor milk in my Bowl first then cereal 💙

    28. Jasmaine Shorty


    29. Ranem Abdelhalem


    30. Hafsah Bby

      peanut butter crispy

    31. Justyna Whitener


    32. Nada Elbattioui

      Done I love your videos they bring me soooo much JOY😊💙



    34. Unicorn Jay

      Im your #1 big fan

    35. Chelsea Kim


    36. Layla Bequette


    37. Thiarra Jones

      Im done and i love your content

    38. Lucas Ensley

      peanut butter crispy

    39. Nayelli

      Peanut butter crispy

    40. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Peanut butter crispy 🦖💜✊

    41. Life with Carly!

      Peanut butter crispy :)

    42. Kourtnee Crawford

      Pls it would really help me and my dad need help

    43. user G

      5:35 he's so fine for what

    44. Lily Weller

      Peanut butter crispy

    45. Anaria Jerman

      Peanut butter crispy

    46. Mile 32 Dubstep

      Thomas's laugh is so fucking annoying

    47. Emily Foster

      Done. I need The money for my sister she want se to to to collage bit we done have The money

    48. Emily Mendoza


    49. Brittney Chapman

      I did

    50. Nel Georges14


    51. Kaylee Vlogs

      Is this really their first time

    52. Kamryn Manning

      Peanut butter crispy

    53. Gabriela Siarez

      Peanut butter crispy


      penut butter crispy

    55. Rachael Elliott

      EVERYONE: I did it ME: I've followed and subscribed for ages

    56. saily Arias


    57. Olivia Frantz


    58. Suzanne Ruck


    59. Sophia Barwicz

      you just need to edit the kiss to make it look different and title it tiktokers make out on a porn site

    60. Sophia Barwicz

      hype house memebers are the best at clickbait titles

    61. Mia Pajtak

      Mia is right, milk and than cereal 🥣🥛😂

    62. lucas ward

      How much is the shiping

    63. Chloe Johnston

      Done done done

    64. Paul Felix

      peanut butter crispy


      oh my god thomas would it kill you to just film with your camera upright like all your videos are making me dizzy

    66. Gloria Valdez

      Peanutbutter crispy

    67. Jaydah Lynn

      why does Mia look like Elena from vampire diaries😂

    68. apple plays roblox

      2:35 nailea (mias friend) flirting with bryant(hype house photographer)

    69. Brandi Forrest


    70. Grace Williams

      You guys should do the trick that Calvin is invisible.

    71. Torchic Playz

      Done ~ I don't have cash app but I could figure out a way and I think it's really generous that you're doing this Thomas and even though I only have a 0.001% chance I just hope the person who gets it has the best day ever. ❤️

    72. Fay Berry

      Don’t worry mia I put milk in the bowl 1st too 😂❤️

    73. Abigail LeBlond


    74. Barlynn Robert

      done 👍

    75. Karla Vasquez

      "done"- hoping I win but know I really won't because I need the money for college ☺️

    76. Latisha Williams


    77. Greg Roche

      Markelle sounds like the donkey from shrek

    78. Lianca jn

      I wanna b in da give away pls ♥️

    79. Steph Fender

      Peanut butter crispy

    80. Sydnee Basnett

      Peanut butter crispy

    81. aaliyah

      peanut butter crispy

    82. JaeZlyn Adams

      peanut butter crispy

    83. trinket za

      I followed you...a looooong time ago

    84. Montserrat Stuhlhofer

      Peanut butter crispy

    85. Kme Keteket


    86. antiqxe

      Peanut butter crispy

    87. Lucy Barajas

      Peanut butter crispy

    88. Maria Barreto

      Peanut butter crispy

    89. Kayla Carbajal


    90. •Bru Editsx•

      first miniature in which Thomas is not😮

    91. Nyc. Miah

      done $nycmiah

    92. Marissa&Shawn Melton

      Mia and kover are always doing dumb stuff together

    93. Gianelly Ramos Valle

      Peanut butter krispy

    94. Sebas Sebas

      DONE! 🥺

    95. Zayani Valenzuela


    96. Lucy Cheramie


    97. Ajda Hozjan

      DONEE!! When the pandemic is over I'm coming to America 😁