We Went Back To The Old Hype House!!

Thomas Petrou

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    We Went Back To The Old Hype House!!
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    1. Shalyze Ortiz

      Chipmonckey lol

    2. Ray'Quan Anderson

      i didn't know mia had balls lmaooo

    3. Aleigh Dress

      Is it just me or does Calvin always sound sick?🤔

    4. Isaias RodriguezLarios

      Yeah Bruhh

    5. Matilda Joy

      His laugh tho it sounds so diabolical at times 😂😂🤣🤣

    6. Sqixt T

      Mauzda lol

    7. Faze5_vibezz


    8. Raychel Johnson

      when mia laughed in the begining i couldnt stop laughing.... also who else is rewatching thier videos during quarantine?

    9. TwiCeu! oNceu!

      0:11 is it just me or this remimding me of the old good time sleither io💀

    10. kaitlyn topolski

      calvin: i’m drunk i can’t feel it also calvin: grabs and almost throws a couch

    11. Layahs Life

      Go learn to record you can't even make a video without click bait

    12. Layla Nelson


    13. Eileen Wairimu 01

      Omg! There is no video you made that didn't end without me laughing. 🤣 Love y'all ❤️

    14. April Fann

      Why does everyone hang out is Alex’s and Kouvr’s room😂

      1. Josie Lakeland

        Ya they do, it always kinda makes my uncomfortable that Michael is sleeping In Kouvr and Alex’s bed

    15. emmah0718

      Why is Michael next to kovar

    16. Lilianna Lugo


    17. Ghalia Khalaf

      omg mias laugh and how shewent down the hall way😂😂💀💀😂😂 (omg thx for the likes)*i dont have any likes rn :)

    18. Janellie Nguyen

      Someone tell me who those two people with Larry are😂🙏

    19. KIRAN KAUR

      Thomas: Laughing Mia: Laughing Jack: Laughing Everyone else: what’s going on ????

    20. Abigail Shaw

      chip monky your well come Mia

    21. Kaitlynn McCormick

      I have the same hoodie that conner was wearing

    22. Auriloy Perez

      chip monkey :)

    23. Nikki Lillian

      Why is everyone so mean to Michael ?

    24. Ava Debono

      I have the exact same hover board but I actually use mine with my feet😂😂😂😂

    25. Daniel So

      I haven’t seen issa what happened to both of them

    26. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Chip money

    27. Valerija Galin

      Chip Monky

    28. Ann Ninete

      I love how u guys are entertained every day lol I alr watched this but it’s just so entertaining

    29. Rosmi Lopez

      ooooo chipmunck muncki

    30. Lily Weller


    31. Promise Cross


    32. talia bateman

      make a vid with mia beating the shit out of the hype house members

    33. Hayden Smith

      Calvin: (breaks out in hives) I know I’m fat

    34. Nadine’s Daily vlogs

      Will you wish me a happy birthday


      at the end mia was like hi

    36. RUBY Castillo

      i love larray he is so iconic Thomas make more vids with him plz

    37. Jessica

      I never knew there was a different way of saying Mazda ..

    38. Hanna Underwood

      how do you all stand each other

    39. Juliana Hernandez

      uhhhhuhhhhuhh chip monk

    40. Melissa Herrera


    41. Gamer Kelvon

      did you guys see alll them mask OMG

    42. Noelle Carbone

      Michael Really wouldn’t wake up lol

    43. Elqwenalae Robert

      hohohohohoh chip monky

    44. Caoimhe Prevett

      Wait Micheal looks really cut in this video🥵🥵❤️

    45. valeria Toscano


    46. No One

      I can’t stand the laugh😭 I’m sorry😂

    47. Paulina Louise Gatmaitan

      I’m so tempted to try what Mia did lol hahahha!

    48. TIKTOKSSXx Ok

      Did any Notice the thumbnail of Thomas 😭😭😭 OMGG

    49. Isabela Morera González

      I miss the old house

    50. Ginger Squad

      *gasp* you can stay😌-🤣🤣🤣

    51. Jadrien Enriquez

      You guys always make me laugh😝🤣😂

    52. Roblox_vidoes Hacks

      Me: tryna wonder why he keep laughing like a clown

    53. Sydnee Basnett

      I was laughing like crazy at the begging

    54. Tik Tok compilations

      Alr Mia move like a snake😂❤

    55. medini :p

      stan the 3 chanels and only the 3 three chanels

    56. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    57. Joshua Lee

      why its a mazda but it gota porsche seats

    58. Stella Cullwick

      I laughed so much at the beginning who else agrees they is a like button


      hi thomas petrou i did subscribed

    60. Jessie Dillon

      Omg y'all larry they are all so funny I have tbh

    61. Pamela Nolls

      I'm crying of laughter 😭

    62. Kaiah Hill


    63. Prince Ezeh

      Poor Michael🤍🤍

    64. ciocolata neagra

      I thought you were staying there, but finally 🥺😭

    65. YADII ofc!!

      bro where is twamz

    66. Bella G.

      5:33 where did that deep voice come from Thomas?😂

    67. Wade Emily


    68. micheal Luke


    69. Harklee Heehe

      Mia is so annoying

    70. Emilija Tamutytė

      Waitttt where is avani

    71. Pastel Is Cool

      2:09 that Char Char?

    72. Avery Hossler

      Thomas: “my vids are usually funny” me: “dosent laugh at anything in his vids” me:*goes to watch Bryce and josh* Also me:*dyes of laughter* b/c Bryce and josh are just funny

    73. Crazy_kids_ Vlogs

      Omg I love Mia when she was a worm!!!

    74. a Horton

      chip monekey

    75. Devyn Tatupu

      When Lerray said "Are You White" 🤮 To Michael 💀😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    76. Sarah Maddox

      I thought Thomas was going to say he’s going to sell his mom 👁👄👁

    77. Emmas Lifestyle

      So we are just ganna ingnore are the water bottels in the room

    78. Raven Al C

      Ou ou ou ou chitmunkey

    79. The Sparks Sisters

      I’m not a hater like I love your videos but Tomas you have such thick eyebrows

    80. Catherine

      What Calvin haves it might be cold hives because I have that too

    81. callmecai

      let’s hope jenny doesn’t show up again-😭💀✌🏾🌚🤠

    82. Gacha Bubblegum

      Ow ow ow chipmunky

    83. Spirel Splash

      is mia the fetty WAP 2:49

    84. Melissa Lopez

      Ooo ooo ooo chip munky

    85. Matilda KARLUSIC

      Go in the home next vid

    86. GoldOrca 9050935

      They found a little bit in that wall

    87. Avril Salce


    88. Karina Johnson

      5:55 mood...

    89. melissa parra

      mia's laugh at the start

    90. Mia Walker

      Sorry I meant pretty I am so sorry

    91. Mia Walker

      Chip monkey Lol my name is Mia Love you Mia you are so pry

    92. Angelique Cruz

      ❤️ ( ⚫︎ー⚫︎ ) balalala~ / \ / ○ \Baymax / / ヽ \ | / \ | \Ԏ Ԏ/ 卜− ―イ \ /\ / ︶ ︶

    93. Ismary Marquez



      hives are not contagious bc i had them about a week ago so tell calvin to not worry

    95. andralindiino

      Chipmony iii

    96. joanee jeannotte


    97. hkalshehhi alshehhi


    98. Matthew Richards


    99. Analia Trejo


    100. Haley M

      larry is literally MoOd