Why They're Not Moving In...

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    Why They're Not Moving In...
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    1. Aaron Wilkinson


    2. Hunter Pula

      Can you do a house tour

    3. PoppyHorseLover_Rosie


    4. Arne Norheim

      Blue christmas

    5. Emma Diachenko

      That’s the mask my buss driver wears for school lol

    6. Naima Hersi

      Blue christmas

    7. Jocelyn Urtiz

      Blue Christmas

    8. Draco Malfoy-Love

      All the comments are about nick ryland and chase being funny together have you seen Micheal and Calvin together

    9. Brooke Tanner

      the reason chase prolly had to stay in LA was because of downfall high. by MGK

    10. Ava Michal

      No one: Still no one: Not even a single soul: Thomas saying good morning when it’s night 💀

    11. Ailana Rodriguez

      Blue Christmas

    12. Emma Cardoza

      blue charismas

    13. Mike Krzywicki

      What’s the new house called

    14. tiktok nation

      Blue Christmas! I love the new house btw

    15. Beatriz Sousa

      Nickita has to wear a fucking mask when will she understand that that thing shes wearing doesnt protect her AT ALL

    16. Jesca Koedam

      but where is angel?

    17. DancerGymnast202 Backhandspring202

      Blue Christmas

    18. Potato Girl

      But is he going to to move houses after he’s project

    19. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Blue Christmas."

    20. Cass

      The only house that’s still going well is the sway house .... sorry guys it’s my opinion

    21. Kalani Khim

      📀 blue Christmas📀

    22. Menace Empire

      Blue Christmas

    23. Nigela Forbes

      blue christmas

    24. Arianna Lewis

      Blue Christmas

    25. Alexis Snyder

      Chase isn't moving in because he is making a movie with jaden Hossler and MGK

    26. Matthew Richards


    27. Samiyah Ali

      Blue💙 Christmas🎄

    28. AZ 360

      blue christmas

    29. pigevie


    30. Addison Collins

      Nah it’s just the house now because Nick chase and ryland are gone 😭✋🏻

    31. Savannah Fusaro

      Is it bad I’m stalking your vids and not doing math

    32. girlwhodraws

      i miss the old hype house


      i love Michel he is my favorite in the vlogs i love him so much

    34. Dayana Lara

      So chase nick and ryland are the hype house but part 2

    35. levina

      thomas: "nikita, dont crash" nikita: " i wanna hit the child" 😭

    36. playing roblox

      its merch that chasd is making i think

    37. Fidel Flores

      Nicki gurl there is no point in wearing a mask.....no more.............

    38. Chantelle Oneill

      blue christmas

    39. Angie P

      blue christmas

    40. purple heart

      First day:90 people 6 monts later 4 people

    41. Maddox Ghisolfi

      Can’t wait for the movie 😭

    42. Mara Oprea

      Blue christmas 💙

    43. Erika Silva

      Blue Christmas

    44. Im a Chicken nugget

      Nikitas mask is bullshit 😂😂😂

    45. Jazmine Hernandez


    46. Aggelos Mantikos

      Have they done a video why Addison did not stay in the house with them?? In the second house

    47. Melissa White

      Blue Christmas

    48. Jada

      Blue Christmas

    49. Hana Korac

      Blue Christmas

    50. Natalyn Tarr

      He makes it sound like chase is going to jail or somethin

    51. Ami 1

      wait..where is the other house if it isn’t in la?

    52. Lizzie Case

      Blue Christmas

    53. Gabi Dz

      i think chase is making music

    54. Raegan Ward

      Anyone else feel like hype house just isn't really it anymore. Like it's good it's just not as iconic.

    55. Rozy W

      Nick and Roland AND CHASE there’s no hype house no more

    56. Anuska Kruska

      blue christmas

    57. Vanessa Morgan

      Why i am crying

    58. Multi_ Cookies

      Why Nick ryland and chase aren’t in the hype house ☹️

    59. Shani Mwende

      New house looks good NGL

    60. Amahlee Brown

      blue christmas

    61. Jason Cinco

      can someone tell me if vinnie is moving in and a time stamp? cuz the drama in tiktok is just...i-

    62. Zarai King

      Blue Christmas

    63. Mackenzie Ginn

      is vinnie joining? cause suddenly hes moving out where he is now and now u guys are getting new members so like wth is going on???

    64. Madeline Avalos

      My tamales are cooking 😂😂😂

    65. February 2020

      Chase is working on a film if u didn’t know..

    66. Danielle Lewis

      Can i be the first 12 yrs old in the hype house please

    67. Asia ricks

      If chase needed to stay in la for business reasons why is he in the Bahamas y’all lie bad

    68. Lauryn Behan

      Plz do a house tour

    69. Harley Hope

      It true it is not the hype house without ryland nick and chase but I'm so excited to see them post together on HUfast and tiktok...

    70. Emanuel Dehaney

      Blue Christmas

    71. Alex Cordova

      All of you guys act like siblings

    72. Gabriella Louissaint

      idk what do they are not living in the new hype house I was legit pacing around my room lol

    73. Angelica Acosta

      The beginning though lol

    74. D3ad corpse X12

      Blue Christmas lol

    75. D3ad corpse X12

      Anyone wonder why Thomas had his mouth open in every thumbnail it’s not even a smile his mouth is just open 😂😂

    76. sofia grasset

      Nobody Nikita: sway house 4 life

    77. Lori Parkhurst

      i got to just im sorry but hes shooting movie..

    78. L D

      Blue Christmas

    79. Gia Worsdall

      Blue Christmas 🎄

    80. Sydney Sherwood

      Blue Christmas (Sorry i am late)I Have been watching yours and Alex's vids all morning i live in poole aka uk btw

    81. Jog.

      Why is everyone saying? It’s like so backhanded, and it’s gonna be the same chase is barley in the vlogs, same with the others... just keep it to urself lol

    82. Tehehe Sloth

      I bet the project is Merch!

    83. yarilis Gonzalez

      POV. Chase is a movie with jaden Its call downfall high

    84. Dakota Sholar

      the hype house wont be the same without nick and Ryland :(

    85. Mariah Isasimp

      Parents: Why would you let a golden trio move in their own house? Me:so they can ruin it! What else?

    86. Avery Fitch

      hold up mia said its Avery when you guys when Thomas was talking about sci-fi or horror movies BRUH MY NAME IS AVERY

    87. Janelle V

      Okay so first I Love your videos I am a huge fan and I’ve been wanting a Kouver Chain for so long and I go to the website and I go to her chain but I do t know where to go to add it to my cart how do I do it? Anyone help pleeeaaassseeeee! I really want it 😭😢😢🥺🥺

    88. Angela Curry

      Blue Christmas

    89. Destiny Atkins

      Blue Christmas


      I just wanna know if your found the little girls mom

    91. T- Ray

      Blue Christmas

    92. Keira Watson

      Blue Christmas

    93. Isabella Summerlyn

      Can we take a moment of how much these people are like such good friends I don’t know if they really are but if this is real then make sure y’all don’t do something so dumb that it ruins it

    94. Smash_It

      7:44 lol no you don’t

    95. Breanna Alcrow

      no one nikktia ' sway for life ' 😂🖐🏼

    96. naomi wilson

      You should put your sister in the videos because I love the last video you filmed with her

    97. irlcara

      Chase, nick, and ryland moving out? Who’s left LMAO

    98. Jessica Lamprell

      More vlogs please

    99. iAm Taylor

      Blue Christmas

    100. Hxyden

      Oh chase is getting his own house because he is going to be in a movie