You Won't Believe What Happened!!

Thomas Petrou

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    You Won't Believe What Happened!!
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    1. Nicole Borland


    2. Francis Emmolo

      Sonw mo

    3. Gymnastics Life

      This is how many times Toumus laughed 👇🏻

    4. aa aa

      He does not know how to record the camera goes every which way my eyes hurt.

    5. Kierlsynn Linkous

      Why does Michael look like Harry Potter and the was Noah said Is she great

    6. Hay Hay


    7. Tenzin kunsang

      Lil huddy is in the top 20 most handsome faces of 2020 omg I cant believe😱👇

    8. Avery Hernandez

      Make your videos longer please

    9. Abian Cantu

      snow ball

    10. Lilly Mclamb


    11. Imani Figueroa

      snow ball

    12. Rylee_adoptme loveR


    13. MinerLover12

      When covid 19 is over, come to Vancouver, so much snow in the mountains

    14. Zoey A

      I am so scared

    15. Zoey A

      Harry Potter is thst you I thought you had a scar

    16. Maddison Elliott

      Snow ball

    17. Sam Rere

      F u thomas

    18. Kiylee Kirby

      Like Michaels glasses 👓

    19. Amanda B


    20. Riley Hughes

      I am officially in love with Michael

    21. Sahara Hogan


    22. Michelle Adams

      Snow ball

    23. Elizabeth Pesiridis

      Come up with a texting number

    24. Laura da Cunha


    25. Vicky Geldenhuys


    26. ama zon

      Snow ball

    27. Nail Cromes

      “ISNT she just GREAT”

      1. Jose Quishpi

        Awwe ikr

    28. Jocelyn Aldaco


    29. Robin Goodson

      Where were they at I want to go play in the snow lol. Also SNOWBALL

    30. *Mini Cookies*

      My brother had a serious Injury on those and couldn’t move his arm for a month and then had trouble moving it for the other month

    31. JuJaLuz Hernandez


    32. Gooey Bear Slimes

      some may say their living the teenage dream......oh wait...they are

    33. Deveny Flores

      I went to big bear to but I got a cabin. I saw it guy’s TikTok

    34. Camryn Plumbo

      C ok me t ik Minnesota you will see a lot of snow

    35. sophia perko

      snowball :)

    36. Isabel Spears

      Who let papper drive the rental car

    37. Abigail Pellow


    38. nataly yuli

      snow ball

    39. Sophie Meeks

      Omg I luv monkeys!

    40. D'nora Owens


    41. Kaylee Dominguez


    42. Aileen Arreola

      Michael looks like harry potter with his glasses

    43. Destiny Noyes

      sienna: “i lay here...not with clothes on but i lay here” LMAOOO

    44. ameerah garnes


    45. Sophie and friends With unicorn


    46. Farrah Ammeraal


    47. Andrea Valeriano

      "mias samrt Mia: " I did not get into collage

    48. TheaBear

      Wait patty 52 I’m 54 and I’m 13 hahhahahahhahah I’m dead

    49. Jemimah McKenzie

      GOD bless remember GOD love u

    50. •feitans Simp•

      Is it just me or does michael look like Harry Potter

    51. Talia Hall


    52. Vicky Dalesio

      If Patrick's only 5`2 that's weird. I'm a girl, I'm younger than him, and I'm taller

    53. Breeana Avila


    54. Curtis Elamm

      Hi Thomas, I live in LA, and want to learn about how I could book that monkey. thanks for your help.✌🏼

    55. •em•

      me living where it snows all the time in the winter: 👁👄👁

    56. My daily life

      snow ball and am i he only one who said snow ball

      1. My daily life


    57. Briana Ramos Rodriguez

      Snow ball I wish it was snowing in NY right now

    58. Rose Binder

      Nobody: Me: fLuFfY paToAts

    59. Guillermo Andrade

      I’m a huge fan I really love your cats

      1. My daily life

        ik there soo CUTE

    60. Basma Al Arrawee

      Their really here living their best life and I'm here cleaning my room

    61. Kanilea Wond

      stow plow

    62. Gacha Sunflower

      I guess im not the only one that likes to eat iceicles

    63. Nathaniel Ollivierre


    64. Poppy Rogers


    65. Premendra Verma

      awwwwww the monkey is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    66. Katsuki Bakugou

      Look up snowball on urban dictionary...

    67. Justine Klonne

      Them first time seeing snow Me watching snow for the hundredth time this week

    68. Siimplyy Alexa

      Snowball :)

    69. lacie harshbarger

      i live in Colorado i see snow a lot. snow ball

    70. 에이미xoxo

      why does Calvin look like a serial killer

    71. Lizeth Gutierrez

      My friend everett when it was snowing he did not have this really good sweter for the cold so he justs gets un the snow

    72. Selena Ma

      Is it just me or did I think the monkey was chewing gum

    73. Lily Wright

      My birthday is on 420

    74. Faze5_vibezz

      snow bowl or snow ball. cant tell

    75. Victoria Wilson

      Micheal just needs a lightning bolt scar on his forehead then he will look like Harry Potter with those glasses. Not being rude luv u guysss

    76. Amelia Argott

      Snow ball ❄️⚾️ For Mia

    77. Curtis Elamm

      dope! I just saw onea those on Venice beach boardwalk. (The one-wheel)

    78. The Ramirez Family

      Snow ball

    79. Kinsey Griffin


    80. Kim Chapman

      Them: "it's my first time seeing snow" Me being Canadian:👁👄👁??????

    81. Brayden Young

      michael turned into harry potter when he got glasses. 😭😭 *snowball* ❄️

    82. Charlette Doucette


    83. Sally Walker

      Snow bow

    84. Elizet Martinez


    85. Janet Amezcua


    86. Piper Toland

      Where are they?

    87. Emma Cruise 1376

      Gen “alpha” really be watching this and not knowing what the game “trouble” is

    88. Little Aloha mermaid

      now try living in MN we get it every yearrrrr wooo whoo

    89. yamileth rodriguez

      why does he look like harry potter (mickal)

    90. Lols Lev

      Larri: Thank you darling this was fun

    91. I’m Bored

      Snow ball

    92. Alta and Angelo's vlog!!

      Wheres Lauren kettring

    93. elizabeth Tena


    94. Aria Myers

      If you come to North Carolina you can have all the seasons in one day 😂

    95. Island Girls

      Snowball snowball

    96. Nataylia Sears

      Why is it so cold because it’s snow and I can’t believe you guys never seen snow I like it when it snows but like baby it’s cold outside ooooooooooooo

    97. Lia Teleki


    98. Lia Teleki

      Help pls

      1. Lia Teleki